The Death of Signatures

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Death of Signatures

American Express announced that merchants are no longer required to get the cardholder’s signatures on all transactions starting in April 2018. The change in the checkout process applies to merchants worldwide. In the American Express press release they provide the reasoning behind the change. By not requiring merchants to collect the card holder’s signature it will a more consistent and simplified checkout process, speed up the in-store checkout process, and reduce merchants operating cost of collecting … Read More

The Beginning of the Credit Card

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The History of Credit Cards

Whenever there was a dispute involving credit, there was always a chargeback in one form or another. What was the main root of the cause? It was fraud with an occasional scenario of jumbled records. Ever since the first merchant issued credit coins to the most loyal customers around 1865, patrons and merchants relied on each other’s compliance in order to make credit a new form of payment. In some cases, that meant merchants needed to … Read More

Adding Non-Card Payments to Your Website

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Cash Transaction

In the age of ecommerce customers can find and buy products from all over the world with just a few clicks. There are very successful ecommerce merchants that don’t even have a physical brick-and-mortar location. This movement to online shopping is leaving the population of customers that do not use credit cards under served. Amazon recently created a way for this cardless population to use cash when purchasing goods through them. Here are a few ways … Read More

Biometric Payment Options

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You are most likely not awed anymore when your smartphone unlocks after reading your fingerprint. That is because biometric verification has become a part of our everyday lives. It is a convenience that we have become accustom to and now expect, not just something in a Mission Impossible movie. The extra security that keeps your smartphone safe can also be applied to the payment process. This increase in security can put users at ease by knowing … Read More

Want to Eliminate Chargebacks? Accept BitCoin

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Cardholders will have a window of time to file a dispute. That window will remain open for about 60 days if they made a purchase on their credit card. That means a merchant won’t know if the money is truly theirs. Well, at least after two months after the transaction date. But Bitcoin can put the power back into the merchant’s hands. How will it do that? For one thing, it can create security for merchants … Read More

A Look at Amazon Cash & Amazon Go

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Amazon is the well established alpha of ecommerce. They are always willing to try new and innovative methods that continues to keep the brand on top. The newest Amazon projects are providing customers without credit cards a convenient way make purchases, as well as beta testing stores that may revolutionize in-store shopping. No Credit Card? No Problem Ecommerce merchants trying to reach the “cash customer” or unbanked customer may seem like like a difficult task. Yet Amazon has … Read More