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Real-time dispute management solutions for SMB, SME, and Enterprise

From SMB to Enterprise, the Chargeback App gives businesses of all sizes the expertise and automation to simplify, scale, and streamline dispute management.

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SMB solutions

Simplified dispute management for small businesses

The Chargeback App simplifies every aspect of dispute management—from response generation to submission—so you can spend time focused on your business. Extensive knowledge of rules and regulations ensures your responses include the right evidence and are submitted according to processor guidelines.

SME solutions

Supporting SMEs with power to scale

With the Chargeback App, you can scale your dispute management efforts with your growing business. Instead of resorting to outsourced services, you can keep dispute management in-house while still reaping the benefits of extensive dispute knowledge. It’s all possible with the “expert system” and automation inside the Chargeback App.

Enterprise solutions

Empowering efficiency within Enterprise teams

No matter how big your internal team is, there’s likely still only one person who holds all of the knowledge regarding dispute management. The Chargeback App ensures your expertise stays with the company regardless of changing team member dynamics. Not only that, but the app also streamlines your team’s processes to supercharge efficiency and productivity.

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The Chargeback App

The only SaaS solution for dispute management

The Chargeback App is the first real-time dispute management platform that lowers your dispute rate, improve your win rate, and save time and effort. It’s the only solution that empowers internal team with acute expertise and robust automation.