Discover Chargeback Reason Code RM

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Discover Service Chargeback Reason Codes

Discover Chargeback Reason Code RM

Description of Reason Code RM

Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services

Insights from Rules and Regulations

The cardholder claims the goods or services delivered by the merchant were not of the quality or condition agreed-upon.

How to Win Reason Code RM

Prove that the cardholder approved of the quality of the goods or services at the time of the transaction, either through signed documentation or written correspondence. If applicable, you can also show that your attempts to correct the cardholder's issues have been rejected. Alternatively, if you've already resolved this issue with the cardholder, provide evidence of that instead. You may also show that the cardholder never cancelled or rejected the goods or services and maintains possession of them. In addition, you may provide evidence disclosing the terms agreed upon with the cardholder refuting the allegation of misrepresentation and that goods or services were rendered as described in the terms agreed to by the Cardholder.

Transaction Modifiers applicable to Reason Code RM

Additional Information About Reason Code RM

Reason code is categorized: Discover, Services

Use the Chargeback App to respond to Discover Chargeback Reason Code RM.

The Chargeback App determines acceptable evidence based on network rules and can automatically gather the evidence needed to win by integrating to your payment services and sales platform.