Chargeback Honored with Tech10 Award

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Best Business Development Model Tech10

Chargeback earned the award for Best Business Model Development 2016 Tech10 from the Great Salt Lake Business Conference. We build software and train teams to eliminate the pains associated with chargebacks. We get goose bumps every time we recover lost revenue and prevent chargebacks for our clients, which makes it even more special when our vibrant community recognizes the work we’re putting forward.

See You at the CNP Expo!

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CNP Expo 2016 Florida Chargeback

The CNP (Card-Not-Present) Expo was created for merchants who accept card-not-present payments to address the challenges they regularly face, i.e. increased risk of fraud and chargebacks, and help answer the questions they need answered, for example, “What exactly do I need to do to start offering mobile payments?”

Customer Service: How to Retain Customers

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Customer Service Policy Guide and Template

A customer service policy provides a great amount of value. Not only for the customer himself, but for your organization as well. Without a policy, your business is at risk of losing loyal customers and losing potential customers to your competitors. According to Kissmetrics (, 71% of consumers end a business relationship due to poorly designed or non-existent customer service policies. While 44% of customers switch to a competitor after a bad customer service experience. On … Read More

EMV Chips & Chargebacks: What Merchants Need to Know

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According to the Nilson Report, counterfeit card fraud cost the U.S. $7.86 billion in 2015. Moreover, merchants lost $2.95 billion while card issuers lost $4.91 billion to counterfeit card fraud in 2014. Just recently the U.S. followed its European and Latin American counterparts and adopted the global standard for credit and debit card payments—chip technology. Also referred to as EMV, this new to us but not new at all technology (it first started in France in … Read More

Camille Mauerhan: Accomplished Businesswoman, Avid Skier

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Camille Mauerhan SVP Strategic Alliances

Camille Mauerhan was the last to join Chargeback’s executive team. And although she’s only held her current job title of SVP of Strategic Alliances and responsibilities since March, she brings 20 years worth of experience and knowledge in the prepaid industry to the team. Mauerhan has gained her deep understanding for this industry by working different positions with a few different companies. Most notably she’s worked for three large credit card processors: Wells Fargo, Bank of … Read More

Millennial Marketing: Trends to Watch For

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Millennial Marketing Trends

The needs of customers are changing and one of the major factors for these changes is the increasing influence of millennials. Businesses must start considering the needs of their millennial customers to remain relevant in today’s economy. We’ve outlined a few growing trends that businesses should start taking advantage of. Shopify’s Kevin Donnelly’s just wrote an excellent article: Marketing to Millennials: 5 Massive Trends That Are Leading the Way that you should definitely check out. It’s All About Content … Read More

Facebook Marketing Metrics: The Basics

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Facebook Marketing Tips

Researching and targeting audiences with marketing has become easier for small businesses. With the help of Facebook, businesses with small budgets can reach more people with their message. Just like with other marketing methods, there are ways to optimize the return on investment using Facebook marketing. There are also methods businesses can use to track the performance of social advertising. A/B Testing Ads A/B testing is the testing of two similar ads. In this case, A/B Testing is … Read More

Social Media Changing Customer Service: What You Need to Know

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Twitter Marketing

Social media has, without a doubt, changed how businesses interact with their customers. Companies who take advantage of social media generally experience increased customer satisfaction. According to Nielsen’s “State of the Media – The Social Media Report 2012“, almost half of U.S. consumers use social media to ask questions, express satisfaction or address problems with products or services. One-third of social media users prefer “Social Care” to the phone. Social media should be considered a major element of … Read More

Are You Covering the Basics with Chargebacks?

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Happy Customer

According to Nielsen, merchants lost $16B in revenue to fraud in 2014. That’s a big number. With all of the data breaches lately it seems to make sense, but that’s a poor assumption to make. Lexis Nexis was able to uncover in their 2014 True Cost of Fraud Study. Turns out only 16% of fraud is attributable to identity theft. 14% was not clearly definable by merchants which leaves 70% of fraud or $11.2B in 2014 needed to be prevented by addressing … Read More

Even Soulja Boy Experiences Chargebacks

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Chargebacks can happen to anyone. In the case of Soulja Boy, rapper/merchant of hoverboards, fraudulent chargebacks occurred to the tune (pun intended) of about $174,440. That’s some pretty serious dough. In most cases of chargeback fraud, merchant processors typically refund the cardholder their money with little evidence of fraudulent intention from the cardholder. For merchants, this can cause some serious headaches. via GIPHY Not all fraudulent transactions are intentional. However, in some cases, credit cards are legitimately … Read More