5 Fraud Facts From 2016

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5 Fraud Facts from 2016

We learned a lot in 2016. But, like most of you, we’re happy to welcome the new year and all it’s possibilities. Our teams’ goal remains to produce the most helpful content available to reduce your overall fraud losses. While we created more content than ever last year, we already have big plans for more in 2017. In order to meet 2017 with a comprehensive approach to fraud management, we must first understand the landscape today. Whether … Read More

4 CP Acceptance Steps for Maximum Fraud Prevention

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cp card acceptance tips

In your brick and mortar store, you probably have the checkout process down to a specific set of steps that you or an employee carry out for every single transaction. While you might have the routine down-pat, how can you be sure that it’s a routine that’s preventing fraud? Card present (CP) merchants have an advantage when it comes to transaction facilitation: the card and the cardholder are right in front of you! If you accept … Read More

Visa Retrieval Requests: New Requirements & Updates

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Updates to Visa Retrieval Request Requirements 2016

In the 2016 Q4 update of the Visa Product and Service Rules, several changes were made to processes and verbiage surrounding retrieval requests. In fact, the entire section (11.1.3) was renamed from “Copy Request and Fulfillment” to “Retrieval Request and Fulfillment”. The Retrieval Request and Fulfillment section of Visa’s rules has four subsections, two of which were updated in the October 2016 edition and one of which is a completely new addition. Visa Product and Service … Read More

False Positives’ Staggering CNP Losses

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False Positive Ecommerce Losses

False positives are a big problem, particularly for ecommerce merchants. Everyday, online stores turn away legitimate customers from placing orders because they appear to be fraudulent. But these efforts are doing more harm than good. A recent white paper from Cardinal Commerce explains just how big the false positive problem is from the perspective of the issuer. In the white paper, the experts at Cardinal examine the problem of false positives, their impact on CNP financial … Read More

When to Outsource: Key Ecommerce Considerations

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Considerations for Outsourcing

Deciding when to outsource tasks, processes, or functions essential to your ecommerce store is challenging. For some of us, the thought of relinquishing control in any capacity to a third party is enough to make stomachs turn. While others occupy the other end of the thought-spectrum and take solace in delegating tasks outside their wheelhouse to those with more expertise. No matter which school of thought you belong to, outsourcing certain functions in ecommerce stores is … Read More

5 Ecommerce Trends We’re Thankful For

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Ecommerce Trends

So much of the focus right now is making sure your store is ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season. Hopefully you’ll take some time with family and friends this Thursday to reflect on the year’s peaks and pitfalls, all the while realizing how much there is to be grateful for. We wanted to make sure when you’re counting your blessings regarding your ecommerce store that you include these five awesome things. 1. … Read More

David Adams: OG Product Manager to Chargeback CPO

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David Adams Chargeback CPO

The transformation of Chargeback began over a year ago with the hiring of CEO Dave Wilkes. Since then, the executive team has been carefully curated to reinforce the advances Chargeback is making within its industry. While that internal transformation began over a year ago, the Chargeback team and its investors felt as if the team was officially completed with the addition of David Adams in September 2016. David is an accomplished individual in the realm of … Read More

BFCM is Coming (Chargebacks, Too)

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Predictions and Chargebacks

We’re just a few short days away from the ‘official’ kick-off of the holiday shopping season. For retailers and consumers alike, there’s a noticeable fervor in the air. And with good reason—this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or BFCM, shopping totals are going to be big. BFCM Sales Predictions According to Adobe, Black Friday sales are expected to exceed $3 billion, an 11.5 percent increase from 2015. While Cyber Monday sales will also surpass $3 billion, which … Read More

8 Tips for Crafting the Best Chargeback Response

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8 Tips for Winning Chargeback Responses

It’s no secret that in the world of chargebacks, card networks almost always side with cardholders. Merchants are left to foot the bill for costly misunderstandings, buyer’s remorse, or chargeback fraud. It may feel as though the odds are stacked against you. However rather than accept the losses from chargebacks, crafting a complete and well thought out chargeback response may mean the difference between significant loss for your company and a sizeable percentage of recovered revenue. … Read More

What is a ‘No-Show’ Chargeback?

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no show chargeback definition

Merchants of all industries deal with chargebacks on some level. But the hotel and travel industry deal with some unique called ‘no-show’ chargebacks. That’s when a cardholder disputes a fee assessed by a hotel or restaurant for not showing up for his reservation—or they legitimately forgot about their reservation but they are penalized nonetheless. In this article, we’ll provide helpful tips to manage ‘no-show’ chargebacks. These disputes usually occur as a result of two main scenarios: Reservations … Read More