What is Real-time Resolution?

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Automation used to be a luxury. Now, it’s a necessity. Our journey turned into a revolution when we wanted to give merchants the tools for automated dispute management. We are still learning in how to make it better. And that’s what makes the Chargeback App adaptive to the card networks’ … Read More

What Transaction Modifiers Affect Digital Goods?

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There’s always a criteria when responding to disputes. The reason code explains what compelling evidence is needed while the issuer checks if merchants properly formatted all of the documents within their  response. Any infringement could put yourself in jeopardy of receiving a chargeback. And that’s not the only requirements you … Read More

Small Business Fraud Prevention Tips (from Experts)

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Focus Training & Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of investigation and fraud prevention courses. They help SMBs and SMEs alike to become knowledgeable (and practical) in preventing fraud from internal and external threats. While they’re based across the Atlantic, we made sure that their tips are ready available online. Enjoy! … Read More