How to Market a Small Business in 2018

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In a world of businesses—large and small—vying for attention from consumers, how can small businesses stand out? Here are four ways that you can take your business from shop on the corner to talk of the town. If you want your business to shine online, you need a sparkling review … Read More

Ecommerce Platform Match-Up: Shopify vs. Magento

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This may be old to say, ‘business is booming in ecommerce.’ Yes, everyone can open up an e-shop. But it takes some research to know which ecommerce platform is best-suited to store customer data, provide a unique user experience and, mostly importantly, integrate seamlessly with automated dispute management software. We … Read More

5 Reasons Why Integrations Improve Dispute Management

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Automation is finding its place in ecommerce. It managed to replace manual labor needed for tasks such as recurring billing and payment processing. Merchants continue to embrace its benefits, and that has urged developers to continuously update the software. But the question now is what happens when a software reaches … Read More

6 Ways to Improve Your Win Rate

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Winning is awesome. The aftermath can produce a range of celebratory actions, from a nonchalant fist-pump to collective high-fives. And if that win prevented a chargeback, we can only guess how merchants react to the good news. Unfortunately, not every merchant finds themselves to be celebrating. That’s because their win … Read More

Chargeback on SoarPay’s New Podcast: Paypod

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Chargeback and PayPod Podcast

What Does Chargeback Do For Merchants? “To summarize in one sentence we automate dispute management and we enable Real-time Resolution. Why that is important is because we are trying to do three key things. We are trying to lower the dispute rate that merchants have. A lot of what we … Read More