Chargeback Is Joining Sift!

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Big news! Sift will be acquiring Chargeback. That means we can now offer more for our customers. We’re excited to take the next step in helping businesses fight fraud and manage disputes with our leading end-to-end solution.

The 3 Types of Dispute Management Software

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The 3 Types of Dispute Management Software

**UPDATED – Originally published December 19, 2019** Dispute management is necessary for every company that wants to prevent fraud and protect hard-earned revenue. There are three core types of dispute management software that help merchants prevent and manage disputes – and they work best when used together. The three core functions of dispute management software are: Stopping True Fraud Disputes Stopping Friendly Fraud and Chargeback Fraud Disputes Responding to Disputes Merchants can create a robust dispute … Read More

Tips for Planning a Successful Revenue Year

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Revenue Planning

With the continuing restrictions caused by the pandemic, 2021 is shaping up to be another difficult year for businesses. Planning budgets and strategies can be stressful any year. This year has the added complication of an ongoing pandemic. With so many uncertainties ahead and a constantly changing business landscape, it might seem like planning business goals and forecasting revenue for next year is a lost cause. But it doesn’t have to be. While things are likely … Read More

Get Ahead of Holiday Chargebacks

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Holiday Chargebacks

Chargebacks rise during the holidays. Don’t get caught unprepared. Online stores often see peak sales during the holidays, and experienced merchants know that preparation is vital for having a successful holiday season. While most stores prepare for the increased volume, there are other considerations. Every year, chargebacks also spike with the rise in sales. And this year could have record numbers: Preparing for the Chargeback Influx Even with a strong fraud filter, disputes will occur. To … Read More

How Account Updating is Costing Merchants

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How Account Updating is Costing Merchants

For many cardholders, canceling their card and getting a new card is the standard course of action after being victims of fraud. The assumption is that when they get a new card, the fraud problem will be sorted out because the fraudsters will not have access to the new card details. That was not the case for Grant Larimer, who continued to get fraudulent Planet Fitness charges on his card even after getting a new card … Read More

Is the Chargeback Data You’re Feeding Your Fraud Tech Contaminated?

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Is the Chargeback Data You’re Feeding Your Fraud Tech Contaminated_

Preventing true fraud is a vital part of doing business. True fraud is when a fraudster gets a hold of credit card credentials and successfully uses them at a merchant’s site or store. True fraud for merchants is a pain, not only because it results in a dispute, harms customer relationships, and possibly causes loss of goods or services. It is a pain to merchants because it leaves merchants with an unwinnable dispute, which means merchants … Read More

Cardholder Behavior Surrounding Chargebacks and Payments

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Cardholder Behavior Surrounding Chargebacks and Payments

Every merchant who takes card payments, either online or in-store, has to deal with disputes. This is why Aite Group, under the sponsorship of Ethoca, surveyed consumers, merchants, and credit issuers to create the Improving the Dispute Experience: Transparency Is Power whitepaper. Let’s walk through some of the findings of this study to learn how merchants can reduce and manage chargebacks. Notable Findings About Cardholder Chargeback Behavior Cardholders are more likely to research charges on a … Read More

What is a Transaction Modifier?

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What is a Transaction Modifier

By looking at reason codes and transaction modifiers to create dispute responses and operational practices, merchants will be in the best position to prevent disputes and recover revenue. In the world of dispute management, knowing what evidence is required in a dispute response document and gathering that evidence are the most vital parts of regaining lost revenue. When a dispute is filed, there will be a reason code attached to provide understanding into why a specific … Read More

Visa’s Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift – Updated Timelines

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Visa's Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift - Updated Timelines

Fraud is one of the biggest challenges that the payments industry faces. Payment networks such as Visa consider fraud prevention as an important step in securing payments for both merchants and customers. Even with fraud being a commonplace occurrence, some merchants such as those who run Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFD) are more vulnerable to fraud than others. This is why Visa introduced the Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift to incentivize merchants to use EMV chip … Read More

Chargeback Raises an Additional $6.6 Million

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Chargeback Raises an Additional $6.6 Million

The real-time dispute management platform secures global growth with funding led by FINTOP Capital and Next Frontier Capital. Salt Lake City, UT, June 9, 2020 — Chargeback, the pioneer in real-time dispute management for merchants, announced today it has completed a $6.6 million Series A1 funding enabling the company to accelerate its capacity to help merchants decrease disputes, achieve higher win rates, optimize acceptance rates, and retain more revenue. The round was led by FINTOP Capital … Read More