Get Ahead of Holiday Chargebacks

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Holiday Chargebacks
Chargebacks rise during the holidays. Don't get caught unprepared.

Online stores often see peak sales during the holidays, and experienced merchants know that preparation is vital for having a successful holiday season. While most stores prepare for the increased volume, there are other considerations.

Every year, chargebacks also spike with the rise in sales. And this year could have record numbers:

Preparing for the Chargeback Influx

Even with a strong fraud filter, disputes will occur. To prepare for the spike in chargebacks, you’ll need a complete chargeback management system. Traditionally, that means high labor expenses or outsourcing costs. With the Chargeback App, however, automation helps you keep expenses down while retaining more revenue. We use a dual approach to accomplish this:

Real-Time Resolution Keeps Disputes from Occurring

Many chargebacks get filed because of simple misunderstandings. When customers don’t recognize a charge, they often call their bank first for more information. The bank then sends out an inquiry.

With real-time resolution (RTR), Chargeback can automatically respond to these inquiries with complete order data. The bank then has more information to provide to the customer, which often means a dispute never gets filed. This is a win for everyone - the customer is happy, and you get to keep your hard-earned revenue.

See how much you could be saving with RTR services.

Automated Dispute Management Reduces Chargeback Fraud Quickly Within the Chargeback App, you can set thresholds to automatically refund disputes that meet your criteria. This reduces fees and keeps them from becoming full disputes, lowering your dispute ratio. For those disputes that move forward, our App compiles the necessary information.

Too often, friendly fraud and malicious disputes are upheld because incomplete or inaccurate information is provided. The Chargeback App pulls together all necessary information from integrated services. In just a few minutes, you have all the information needed to fight - and win - a dispute.

By setting up these services in advance, you can prepare your business to tackle the incoming chargebacks that come with your peak holiday sales. Set your business up for success.

To learn more about Chargeback’s Real-Time Resolution and Dispute Management services, request a demo today.


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