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71% of consumers end a business relationship due to poorly designed or non-existent customer service policies. Learn the basics of creating a strong customer service policy with our free guide and template.

With a strong customer service policy as your foundation, you prevent chargebacks from ever occurring. Download the guide to find out how!

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An introduction to customer service policies.

Why customer service policies are important.

How to build company culture and ethics.

Real-world examples to educate and inspire.

A template to get you started on your policy.

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Customer Service: How to Retain Customers

A customer service policy is essential for providing outstanding customer happiness by ensuring your team is running smoothly. 44% of customers switch to a competitor after a bad customer service experience. Without a policy, your business is at risk of losing loyal customers and losing potential customers to your competitors.

Support a customer-centric approach with real-time dispute management

Poor customer service policies, especially those related to returns, have a direct impact on disputes. Keep your customers happy with policies that focus on them—and keep your bottom line happy with dispute management that protects your revenue. Find out more during a live demo with one of our dispute experts.

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