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The Real-time Resolution Report Q1 2020

Download the report to gain an understanding of impact that Real-time Resolution has on friendly fraud and chargeback fraud.

Reason Code Encyclopedia

The only resource with every reason code from the four major card networks, time limits, and compelling evidence.

The Three Faces of Fraud

Three Faces of Fraud ebook will explain the situations and motives responsible for chargeback fraud, friendly fraud, and true fraud.

Manage Disputes In-House

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to formulating and executing your company’s in-house dispute management.

5 Proven Techniques to Improve Internal Dispute Management

These 5 techniques will help you solve issues at the source rather than using quick fixes that don’t provide lasting results.

Industry Dispute Ratios

From chargeback ratios to merchant loss rates, you will gain a better understanding of how disputes and fraud impact five major industries.

Dispute Best Practices

Learn the foundational elements of post-transaction fraud and dispute management so you recover more fraud losses.

Customer Service Template

Craft a basic customer service policy for your store that helps reduce chargebacks, chargeback fraud and friendly fraud.

Chargebacks & Gift Card Fraud

Fraudsters look for products that allow quick monetization of stolen card data — which makes gift cards a prime target.


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There’s much to be said about in-person meetings in the digital age. Slightly nostalgic and extremely informative to say the least.


Reason Code Encyclopedia

Your comprehensive guide to reason codes, modifiers, time limits, and compelling evidence for the four major card brands.