7 Reasons Why Customer Service is so Important

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7 Reasons Why Customer Service is so Important

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Kurt Walker has been working as an editor and copywriter at Edu Birdie and bestessays.com in London for three years. Apart from his career offering help with essay writing and running a writing service, he is also a professional content writer and journalist in such topics as inspiration, productivity, education, and technology.

Customer service is the backbone of your business, and without a backbone, your business is certainly not going to stand very straight or very tall. Nail customer service, however, and there is no limit to how much you can grow.

I have had a lot of time in my career with custom writing to talk to and even work with entrepreneurs, and that has allowed me to observe and learn what makes the really successful ones stand out from the rest. Now, I’m not talking about the individual entrepreneurs themselves; discussions of what it takes to be successful as an individual are all over the internet and talking about that there would be nothing more than uttering well- known platitudes. No, I’m talking about their businesses. What makes one business more successful than another? Another area ripe with platitudes, as I’m sure any astute business reader knows. However, not all of the tips for running a successful business are well explored.

Take customer service, for example, everybody knows, whether intuitively, by experience, or from reading about it, that customer service is a crucial aspect of any successful business. But do we know exactly why it’s important? Surely, there’s a reason the phrase “the customer is always right” has become such a cliché. After all, things don’t become clichés until they have achieved widespread use, and they don’t achieve widespread use unless they have at least a kernel of truth in them. It’s that truth that I want us to explore today.

Over my time spent with entrepreneurs, and as an entrepreneur myself, I have come to learn that customer service is not only a crucial aspect of the success of any business but the very backbone of that success. A happy customer really does translate into a happy business. Think about it: How do you increase the profits of your business? There are only two ways to do so: you can either find a way to increase your sales revenue, or you can find a way to decrease your costs. There happens to be a limit to how much you can decrease your costs, depending on the industry you operate in, whether you’re running a writing service or software as a service — even the leaps and bounds in technology that most industries are experiencing. As for increasing sales revenue, there is a slew of ways you can do that, most of them involving one of two things: increasing the price of your product or increasing the number of actual sales. Either way, there’s only one way you can successfully increase your sales revenue, and that is to make your customer happy.

Keeping your customer happy is what customer service is all about. In fact, there’s a reason why I specifically put it as “keeping your customer happy,” rather than “keeping your customer satisfied.” In the modern business world, with all the choice that is available, and the top quality that exists in most industries, keeping customers satisfied has come to be the norm; the baseline. Every business is working hard to keep their customers satisfied. If you really want to stand out, then you will have to keep them not just satisfied, but absolutely delighted about your brand and your products.

So why is that so important? I’ll give you seven reasons.

1. The Element of Trust

Loyalty is such a rare currency these days due to all the companies offering the same thing in just about every industry you can think of. And yet, loyalty is the greatest currency that a business can have when it comes to customers because a repeat customer is worth a lot more than one that stays just one time.

The thing about customer loyalty, however, is that they will only remain loyal to you if you give them a reason to do so. They have plenty of options in your competitors so you have to offer them something they won’t get out there. You have to work extra hard to keep your customers than you had to just decades ago.

You’re offering the same products as your competitors, and you’ve probably already done everything you can to differentiating yourself from the competition. So what else can you do to set yourself even further apart? Why, customer service!

When you offer your customers good customer service, they trust you more. When they trust you more, they are likely to remain loyal to you. That could make all the difference in the world in buying their loyalty. It could be the one thing that holds them back whenever they think of jumping ship.

2. It Justifies Your Price

A lot of businesses think that consumers care about the price of the product. If that were true, then many premium products would simply fail. Apple, the most successful phone company in the world, would fail because of its higher priced phones. But we know that’s not what happened, don’t we?

Customers care about the price, but only to a point, and only with certain products. When you’re offering a premium product or service, the price starts to matter less and less and going for a lower price might actually do more harm than good for your business. Customers care more about the customer service.

When you give your customers the royal experience, they tend to rate your brand higher in their minds, and they will be willing to pay that much more, just to get the experience. With good customer service, you will be able to charge a small fortune for your products, and customers will still be begging for more.

3. It Helps Your Brand

If you’re not focused on your brand, then now is the time to start thinking seriously about it. You want your brand to grow, and one of the most powerful ways that can happen is via word of mouth. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of marketing and has survived over the ages. The things your customers say about your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues, can be the boon or bane to your business.

In order to make sure that only good things are said to you, dedicate yourself to giving your customers the very best customer service they have ever experienced. They will not only enjoy the service, but they will remember how you made them feel, and they will talk about you, recommending you to anyone they know that is need of the kinds of products and services that you offer.

4. It Makes Your Life Easier

No matter what business you run, you will always run into one kind of problem or another. The truth is your customers are not perfect, and friction may occur from time to time. However, it will be in the best interests of your business to try and avoid that friction.

Your customers need to know that they have an avenue to voice their complaints and issues and that they will be heard. When they have that, they will not only be more willing to work with your business, but they will also tend to behave better.

5. It Shows Customers that you Care

A customer understands that they are a source of revenue for you, but that doesn’t mean that they want it to be all about the sale and closing it. They want to feel appreciated and treated like a human being. They want to be more than a statistic. Customer service is how you show them that.

6. It’s Good for Your Staff

Offering great customer service isn’t just good for your customers; it’s good for your employees and HR department too. When your employees see how much importance you place on the wellbeing of your customers, they will feel confident that you place the same kind of importance on them. They will also be motivated to take your customers just as seriously.

7. To Prevent Disputes

Disputing a charge is becoming very easy to do. Ten of eleven card issuers CreditCards.com spoke with now allow consumers to dispute a charge online. And four out of eleven let cardholders dispute a charge on their mobile apps. Merchants need to be aware of this kind of convenience. If it is easier to dispute a charge rather than reach out to a merchant’s customer service — which do you think the customer will choose? The issuing banks are trying to make their customer’s experience as frictionless as possible, so merchants need to do the same.


Customer service is the backbone of your business, and without a backbone, your business is certainly not going to stand very straight or very tall. Nail customer service, however, and there is no limit to how much you can grow.