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Our services are ideal for merchants who experience chargebacks and friendly fraud. With our services, merchants can stop chargebacks now and recover lost revenue today!


Win More, Spend Less

We specialize in stopping chargebacks and friendly fraud. With our services, you can save time and recover lost revenue today! Without the proper expertise, merchants win on average only 20% of all chargebacks they respond to. With the expertise provided by Chargeback.com, many of our clients experience a 200% – 300% increase in chargeback dispute win rates.


Simple and Speedy Setup

With our simple on-boarding process, you can be on your way to fighting and winning chargebacks in less than 24 hours. Chargeback.com works with your current processor, CRM and gateway services, allowing you to start fighting chargebacks instantly.

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The return on investment is great!

“The return on investment is great! You can win! We tell everyone about Chargeback.com, even our board members know the impact you have had on our business.”



I was impressed...

“I was impressed with how fast the set up was done. I could tell that the probability for success was high”


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Responsible with our information

“Security never crossed our mind. Chargeback.com has a good system which makes us feel they are being responsible with our information.”



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CNP News | Release of Automated Chargeback Resolution Software (CART)

Chargeback.com, a Sandy, Utah-based provider of chargeback management technology for card-not-present merchants, today at the CNP Expo in Orlando, Fla., launched a software solution that enables merchants to automate the chargeback-response process. The company said its Chargeback Automated Response Tool (CART) will increase the number of chargebacks a merchant is able to respond to by automatically pulling documentation and generating a customized response to each chargeback.

Read More from cardnotpresent.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to respond to all chargebacks if I use your system?

No, you choose which chargebacks to respond to.

Will I be alerted when a chargeback is responded to?

Yes! We have a top-notch dashboard and daily email updates that provide a real-time overview of your chargebacks.

What information do you need to work on my chargebacks?

We will work directly with you to determine what information we need access to.

Can you help reduce my chargebacks?

Absolutely.  We offer Chargeback Prevention Services which will reduce the number of chargebacks you see each month.

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