Growing Gift Card Vulnerability

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There have been large steps taken in the protection of credit cards against fraud. EMV chip card transactions and other preventative technology have made fraudsters turn their attention to easier targets. RetailDive reports an increasing threat of ecommerce hacks and gift cards fraud which shows these two are shaping up as the new targets. The timing of this change of fraudsters tactics match up with the increasing adoption of chip-based credit cards in the marketplace. Gift … Read More

Gift Card Scams Aren’t Going Away

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Gift Card Scams

If you’ve been through a grocery store or a Target or Walmart checkout, you’ve probably seen the hoards of gift cards available for purchase. Unfortunately, it’s not just last-minute gift purchasers who rejoice at this sight. Fraudsters are using low-tech tactics, high-tech mishaps, and everything in between to turn a quick profit. Low-Tech Tactics For years fraudsters have been copying the numbers off gift cards in public displays, then wait for the card to be activated. … Read More

e-Gift Card Scams 101

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digital gift card scams - the basics

Electronic digital gift cards, or e-gift cards, are the fastest growing segment of the gift card industry growing at a rate of 29 percent annually. By the end of 2016, e-gift cards racked up more than $10 billion in sales. That’s a whole lot of money being transferred through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and WeChat (Just ask Walmart about WeChat’s value). e-Gift cards provide a lot more ease than its physical counterparts, so it … Read More