Arbitration Chargeback: What Should Merchants Do?

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The Arbitration Process

Arbitration chargeback is a like a court trial. If the cardholder filed for this motion, that makes him or her the plaintiff and you the defendant. The card network is the judge, and they will review all the documents were presented beforehand in order to know how both parties could not reach a consensus to dispute resolution. In its basic definition, arbitration chargeback allows merchants and cardholders to take a final stand and claim the resolution, … Read More

MasterCard Chargeback Time Limits

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Chargeback Time Limits - MasterCard

The clock is ticking, again! Visa made changes in its time limits in April 2018 (view details here). But MasterCard chargeback time limits are just as important. And cardholders, issuers, acquirers, and merchants all must comply with these time limits.  Each reason code has its own conditions that affect the chargeback process. So it’s crucial to have this information upfront, so that you don’t lose time in gathering compelling evidence. This post has aggregated information from MasterCard’s … Read More

Visa Chargeback Time Limits

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Chargeback Time Limits - Visa

Don’t go just yet! We need to know Visa’s new chargeback time limits. The world’s largest card network has different time limits for cardholders, issuing banks, acquirers. And that has changed since April 2018! But these new chargeback time limits are not set in stone. Reason codes with certain conditions can adjust certain timeframes. The circumstances can vary. And its details can be found in the tables below. The clock is ticking for your dispute response. … Read More