The Dispute Lifecycle (for Analysts)

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The Dispute Lifecycle (for Analysts)

If you are an avid reader of Our Blog, you may realize that disputes don’t exactly follow a linear path. Indeed, there are stages in the dispute lifecycle that make it seem it’s a straightforward process. But there is a lot of iteration within those stages, and not every dispute may be processed through every stage. In short, it can get overwhelming quickly if you are not familiar with all the stages in the dispute lifecycle.

Calculate Your Dispute Rate (And Protect Revenue!)

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There is a lot of risk involved in commerce, let alone ecommerce. That’s why it it critical to know where the risk originates and what actions to take in order to mitigate it. Real-time Resolution is a great start to lowering the risks involved with disputes. But providing additional information is the next-best solution. This post will teach you how to calculate your dispute rate and how to conduct a dispute audit. Both tools compliment one … Read More