Committing Chargeback Fraud is Easy

Sydney VaccaroChargebacks2 Comments

Laptop Fraud

With just a few clicks anyone can dispute a transaction. Money is immediately taken from the merchant and given a time limit as little as 10 days to prove that the customer was legitimate. From the merchant’s perspective many emotions come from receiving a chargeback. Disappointment, anger, panic, and even … Read More

MasterCard Chargeback Time Limits

Emily VuittonChargeback Basics1 Comment

Chargeback Time Limits - MasterCard

The clock is ticking, again! While Visa will soon implement new changes to their current time limits (check here before you panic!), MasterCard chargeback time limits are another policy that you should review. Cardholders, issuers, acquirers, and merchants all must comply with these time limits. And each reason code and … Read More

Visa Chargeback Time Limits

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Chargeback Time Limits - Visa

Don’t go just yet! We need to inform you on the chargeback time limits set by Visa. The largest card network in the world has set different time limits for cardholders, issuing banks, acquirers—and they will soon change in 2018! What’s more concerning is that certain reason codes with conditions … Read More

The Chargeback Process: Explained

Scott StoneChargeback Basics6 Comments

Chargeback Process Explained

The chargeback process is not as cut-and-dry as moving from point A to B to C. Instead, it’s more like point A to M, back to B, then to Z, back to A, and so on and so forth. It’s the chargeback process itself that makes understanding chargebacks incredibly difficult … Read More