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Use your Stripe data to create dispute responses in seconds.

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The solution to chargeback headaches.

Rapid response generation.

The issuer needs to receive your chargeback response before it’s deadline. Cut the time you spend generating responses by as much as 90%.

Accurate data.

Your response is only as good as the data on which it’s built. Integrating Stripe and your shopping cart tech ensures the data in your responses is absolutely accurate.

Copy that makes sense.

Chargeback decisions are made by a real person. Responses you create using Chargeback include clear copy, so you have the best chance at winning the dispute.

Self-serve convenience.

Create dispute responses on your own schedule, without granting access or providing login information to third-party vendors.

Step-by-step guidance.

Every response you create derives from templates carefully crafted by industry experts. Plus, we’ll guide you step-by-step through response generation.

How it works.

Transaction data from Stripe and your shopping cart technology is aggregated into one place.

Add and review evidence to craft a winning response that’s specific to the dispute at-hand.

Download a complete chargeback response in a PDF or editable DOC and send to your processor.

What’s in the response.

Your chargeback response is a multipage PDF or DOCx download, complete with the necessary compelling evidence (based on the reason code, dispute category, and your industry) to present a winning case to the issuing bank.

  • terms_and_conditionsTERMS AND CONDITIONS

    tracking_informationTRACKING NUMBERS



  • authorization_detailsAUTHORIZATION DETAILS


    sales_receiptsSALES RECEIPTS

  • product_detailsPRODUCT INFORMATION
  • customer_communicationCUSTOMER CORRESPONDENCE


Fraud teams, meet mission control.

Empower fraud teams through the only do-it-yourself dispute management platform. Eliminate the vulnerability created by third-party chargeback management vendors.

Take simplification a step forward.

Integrating your shopping cart brings even more relevant data into every response you create — and simultaneously provides you with a 360 degree view of the customer and their dispute. Isn’t automation a beautiful thing?

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Connect Stripe and start responding now.

Our self-serve software will guide you through chargeback response creation step-by-step, resulting in the most compelling response possible. Request an invitation to see if you qualify for our early-access beta program.

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