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Scalable dispute management for your mid-market organization.

Scale your dispute management efforts (without outsourcing) to match your growing revenue with the only real-time solution: the Chargeback App.

For merchants processing between 50k and 500k monthly transactions.

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Lower dispute rates

Stay in-control of disputes as transaction volume grows

As transaction volume grows, so does your dispute rate. Keep disputes under control by opening up a direct line of communication with issuers that helps prevent invalid disputes from ever being filed. Use this critical time frame between customer contact and dispute validation to take proactive measures like issuing refunds and blacklisting fraudulent customers.

Improve win rates

Respond to every dispute the right way

Automatically generate and submit dispute responses according to card network rules and regulations as well as processor guidelines. The Chargeback App ensures you respond to every single dispute with the most compelling evidence possible. Because the most effective responses mean more successful dispute rebuttals.

Save time and effort

Streamline management of a growing dispute landscape

A growing customer base and transaction volume is great, except when it comes to managing disputes. The Chargeback App consolidates all of your customer and order information into a single record. Which means your team no longer needs to spend time and brain power logging into multiple systems to gather everything needed to manage a single dispute.

Supporting growth and providing ROI

Find out how real-time dispute management supports your business’ growth with a free ROI analysis. Schedule a demo with a dispute expert to get started.

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The Chargeback App

A scalable SaaS solution for growing teams

With a SaaS-based solution, you never have to worry about your company’s growth causing issues with dispute management. The Chargeback App is the only 100% SaaS-based real-time dispute management platform with rules and regulation expertise and robust automation capabilities.