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Simplified dispute management for small businesses

The Chargeback App gives you the expertise and automation you need to spend less time managing disputes and more time focused on your business.

For merchants processing less than 50k monthly transactions.

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Lower your dispute rate

Prevent disputes from becoming chargebacks

Send comprehensive details directly to issuers to help validate legitimate transactions in the event of a dispute. With this line of communication with issuers, you can prevent disputes from being filed. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to take preventative actions like issuing refunds or blacklisting fraudulent customers.

Improve your win rate

Generate and submit dispute responses, automatically

Respond to every dispute with the right evidence, in the right way, at the right time. The extensive rules and regulation knowledge base built into the Chargeback App automatically identifies and includes the most compelling evidence allowed in any given dispute response. The app then automatically submits a completed response in accordance with processor guidelines.

Save time and effort

Spend less time managing disputes

The Chargeback App gives you unsurpassed rules and regulation expertise and powerful automation so you can spend less time managing disputes. By connecting your data sources, applying expert knowledge, and enabling automation, the app eliminates the hours typically spent researching, creating, and submitting dispute responses.

Generating real ROI for small businesses

Find out how much real-time dispute management can impact your small business with a free ROI analysis. Schedule a demo with a dispute expert to get started.

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The Chargeback App

Empowering your small business with a SaaS solution

The Chargeback App is the first 100% SaaS-based real-time dispute management platform. Its acute expertise and robust automation gives small businesses tools to lower dispute rates and improve win rates, all while saving time and effort.