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Real-time dispute management for subscription merchants

Subscription billing models are amazing—until the chargebacks hit. Navigate the complex world of recurring billing disputes with the Chargeback App.

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Answers to recurring billings’ most problematic disputes.

Lower your dispute rate

Prevent invalid disputes from ever being filed

Help your customers identify and understand transactions by providing enhanced order information directly to issuers. This level of detail isn’t typically available until after a dispute is filed (and after it’s already done its damage in fees and losses). Address and prevent the most common disputes seen by subscription merchants.

Improve your win rate

Include the evidence needed to win more disputes

Automatically collect, pinpoint, and include the specific evidence needed for recurring billing disputes. From customer communications, cancellation policy disclosure, delivery information and more, the Chargeback App programmatically selects the data points to include as compelling evidence in your dispute responses.

Save time and reduce effort

Streamline everything related to dispute management

The “expert system” and powerful automation inside the Chargeback App saves your internal team time and effort—without sacrificing quality. The app empowers teams by eliminating the time-intensive tasks inherent to researching, creating, and submitting dispute responses.

Achieve ROI on recurring billing dispute management

We love showing subscription merchants just how much ROI they can expect with real-time dispute management. Let’s discover your ROI! Schedule a live demo with one of our dispute experts to get started.

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The Chargeback App

A SaaS solution for subscription merchants

Unlike other chargeback solutions that masquerade outsourced teams as software, the Chargeback App is a 100% SaaS solution powering real-time dispute management. Transform your dispute management with deep dispute expertise and powerful automation.