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Real-time dispute management for retailers

From apparel to heavy machinery, from 10,000 to 1,000,000 monthly transaction and beyond, the Chargeback App automates dispute management no matter what you sell.

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Disputes shouldn't eat up your revenue.

Lower your dispute rate

Protect your merchant account and customer relationships

Stop disputes before they happen by opening up a direct line of communication with issuing banks. Doing so provides relevant customer and order information that otherwise wouldn’t be available until after a dispute is filed. Prevent disputes and identify potential operational issues that are contributing to customer disputes.

Improve your win rate

Win more disputes by creating the most effective responses

Automatically generate responses filled with compelling evidence needed to win — like shipping information and delivery confirmation. Then, automatically submit those responses based on processor and card network guidelines. The Chargeback App creates the most effective responses possible, so you can improve your win rate.

Save time and reduce labor

Empower internal teams to be more efficient

The Chargeback App is built to empower the internal team you already have managing disputes. It provides every team member with the knowledge needed to be a dispute expert, as well as powerful automation that eliminates time-intensive tasks that come with researching, creating, and submitting dispute responses.

ROI for merchants selling physical goods

Real-time dispute management transforms the way your company approaches its physical goods disputes. Schedule a live demo with one of our dispute experts to discover just how much ROI you can expect with the Chargeback App.

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The Chargeback App

The only 100% SaaS dispute management for retailers

There’s a better way to manage disputes than through outsourcing or complex internal processes. The answer is real-time dispute management with the Chargeback App. Unlike other solutions that masquerade outsourced teams as software, the Chargeback App is a pure SaaS solution that powers real-time management of disputes.