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Real-time dispute management for your sellers

The Chargeback App adds another much-needed layer of protection for sellers in your marketplace to safeguard against the high rates of digital commerce fraud.

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Create a better dispute management experience for sellers.

Lower dispute rates

Stop disputes from being filed

Prevent invalid disputes by communicating directly with issuers to provide enhanced customer and order information that helps validate transactions. In the Chargeback App, this is called Real-time Resolution (or RTR). This feature, along with other automation tools inside the app, work to lower dispute rates.

Improve win rates

Auto-generate and bulk-upload dispute responses

From auto-generating responses with the compelling evidence needed to win, to bulk-uploading and auto-submitting responses based on processor and card network guidelines, the Chargeback App scales dispute responses. Responding to every dispute with the right evidence, in the right way, improves win rates.

Save time and effort

Streamline dispute management with automation

Unmatched rules and regulation expertise fuels every response decision made by the Chargeback App. Combining this extensive knowledge with powerful automation eliminates the time-intensive tasks typically associated with researching, crafting, and submitting dispute responses—effectively saving your team countless hours of effort.

The big picture: your ROI

Real-time dispute management produces nearly immediate ROI. We’d love to show you just how much is waiting for your company. Schedule a demo with one of our dispute experts for your ROI analysis.

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The Chargeback App

The only SaaS-based dispute management solution

If your current dispute management involves outsourcing or complex homegrown processes, there’s a better way: the Chargeback App. It’s not like those other “solutions” that disguise outsourced teams as software. Instead, it’s a pure SaaS real-time dispute management solution.