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Real-time dispute management for ISOs

The Chargeback App combines extensive expertise with robust automation to power real-time dispute management and prevention—and adds value to your clients’ bottom line.

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Solutions for card and network service providers.

Lower dispute rates

Set a new standard for dispute resolution

Instead of waiting for a chargeback notification, the Chargeback App takes action to resolve the dispute before a chargeback is filed. With Real-time Resolution inside the app, you open up a direct line of communication with issuers that helps stop invalid disputes from becoming chargebacks.

Improve win rates

Turn anyone into a dispute expert

Complying and adjusting to new specifications and guidelines in rules and regulations is necessary to effectively manage disputes. The Chargeback App is built in accordance to the card networks’ and issuing banks’ guidelines, so you can turn your team into dispute experts (without studying on the latest standard in the payments industry).

Save time and effort

Offload menial labor with powerful automation

The Chargeback App combines unmatched rules and regulation expertise with powerful automation to save hours of effort. The app empowers internal dispute management teams by eliminating the numerous repetitive tasks inherent to researching, crafting, formatting, and submitting compelling dispute responses.

Powering meaningful ROI for ISOs

The potential ROI of real-time dispute management is astonishing. Let’s discover yours. Schedule a live demo with one of our dispute experts to get your ROI analysis started.

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The Chargeback App

A 100% SaaS dispute management solution for ISOs

The best dispute management solution puts you in total control and keeps you totally informed. No outsourcing. No complex, homegrown processes. The Chargeback App powers robust automation with deep knowledge to empower internal teams to take control of dispute management.