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Managing disputes for digital products

Whether you’re a publisher or a developer, the Chargeback App gives you the tools to manage disputes in real-time — and allow your business to thrive online.

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Level-up dispute management for streaming services, video games, and more.

Lower your dispute rate

Curb losses and stay a step ahead of disputes

Resolve disputes without affecting customer relationships by providing comprehensive details directly to issuers that help validate legitimate transactions. This line of communication not only helps prevent disputes, but also enables your team to swiftly issue refunds and blacklist fraudulent customers.

Improve your win rate

Identify and include complex compelling evidence with ease

The compelling evidence needed to create an effective dispute response for digital products is complex. But, the Chargeback App gathers this evidence, such as tokens and usage information, with ease. The app then uses the evidence to automatically generate and format the response.

Save time and effort

Stop the data pulling and formatting madness

The Chargeback App consolidates your data sources and creates a single source of truth for dispute management. Through the API and other integrations, the app extracts, normalizes, and loads the data from your commerce and payment technologies stack.

ROI for digital products dispute management

Improve the way your company approaches disputes for digital products. Discover just how much ROI you can expect with the Chargeback App by scheduling a live demo with one of our dispute experts.

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The Chargeback App

Managing disputes with a SaaS solution

Real-time dispute management with the Chargeback App lets your company say goodbye to risky outsourcing and overly-complex internal processes. Empower your internal team with the only 100% SaaS solution for managing digital product disputes.