More Wins. Less Fraud. Total Protection.

Comprehensive coverage means fewer disputes and more retained revenue for your company.

Chargeback Sift Connect

Stronger Together

Chargeback and Sift have teamed up to create a complete end-to-end transaction solution that can help your company maximize revenue and efficiency. Using automation to close the loop, you get a full view of every transaction to ensure that fraud gets caught early and disputes are reduced.

Integration Made Easy

Get Up and Running Quickly

Thanks to our simplified integration, you can start sharing data between Sift and Chargeback quickly. Get the best of both worlds with better fraud detection and simplified dispute resolution.

“With the Sift and Chargeback connector, we’re able to use our existing integration with Sift to solve the post-transaction fraud problem. Chargeback is able to use the rich Sift data set as evidence to both deflect and win disputes for us. Plus, the data Chargeback collects from managing our disputes is then fed back to Sift, creating a powerful feedback loop that saves us time, helps us more accurately fight fraud, and increases revenue.”

— Jon Helin, Director of Support of Business Operations from Doxo


Stop fraud early with Sift’s powerful fraud protection tools, enhanced with additional data from disputes. Our feedback loop constantly provides data about what disputes have been filed, deflected, won, or lost to help better inform future fraud decisions.


Keep dispute rates low by using transaction details in inquiries to help customers and banks recognize unknown transactions. With automatic data-sharing, these inquiries occur in real-time and significantly reduce chargebacks.


Win more chargeback disputes with intelligent automated dispute responses, easily generated from transaction details provided by Sift. Complete responses quickly with everything you need to win back your hard-earned revenue.


Get robust reporting features that follow data throughout the entire transaction lifecycle. Find ways to increase efficiency and expand revenue opportunities with combined data from Chargeback + Sift.

See It In Action

Schedule time with our expert team to learn more about how the Chargeback + Sift integration can help your company save time and increase revenue.