I want chargeback responses.

Use your Shopify data to create chargeback responses in seconds.

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The simplified chargeback solution.

Fast response generation.

You need to send a chargeback response before its deadline — which means you need to work quickly. The app allows you to generate responses in seconds instead of hours.

Accurate, aggregated data.

Data from Shopify and your payment gateway is sent directly into the app. As a result, the data in your chargeback response is always accurate and transaction-specific.

Card network-specific copy.

The responses you create in the app always include evidence and copy that speaks specifically to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover rules and regulations.

DIY convenience.

Eliminate the vulnerability created by third-party chargeback management vendors and instead manage disputes in-house with more precision and control.

Guided by experts.

Enjoy the convenience of our self-serve platform while still benefiting from our expert guidance, acquired through decades of payments and dispute experience.

How it works.

Shopify and your payment gateway send relevant transaction and customer data into one place.

Add and review evidence to craft a response that’s specific to the circumstances of the transaction.

You download a complete chargeback response in a PDF or editable DOC and send to your processor.

Relevant data is in every response.

Your chargeback response is complete with the necessary compelling evidence (based on the reason code, dispute category, and your industry) to present a winning case to the issuing bank. Once it’s finalized, you can download the response as a PDF or editable DOCx.

  • terms_and_conditionsTERMS AND

    tracking_informationTRACKING NUMBERS



  • authorization_detailsAUTHORIZATION


    sales_receiptsSALES RECEIPTS

  • product_detailsPRODUCT
  • customer_communicationCUSTOMER


Put more power in your fraud team.

Empower internal fraud teams through the only do-it-yourself dispute management platform. Give your team the power to respond to more chargebacks, in less time, with more effectiveness.

Your data sources supercharge the app.

Shopify and your payment gateway bring the relevant data required into your responses. Resulting in a complete view of the customer and the dispute — so your response is even more compelling to the issuing bank.

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