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Real-time Resolution (RTR) catches invalid disputes at the source and prevents them from being filed using the power of card network solutions like Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI). RTR empowers issuing banks with enhanced customer, order, and product detail that help determine whether or not a dispute should be filed. For the first time, merchants have the power to stop friendly fraud and chargeback fraud from hurting their business.

With this 10 minute on-demand demo, you'll get the full understanding of RTR and how it works.

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Stop Disputes with Real-time Resolution

Issuing banks have made it very easy for customers to dispute transactions. As a result, the misuse of chargeback rights (whether intentional or not) runs rampant. With Real-time Resolution, the dispute analyst can use enhanced transaction details to decide if the dispute is invalid and prevent it from being filed. Check out the promo video to get a sneak peek at the full RTR demo.

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