MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4841

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MasterCard Cardholder Dispute Chargeback Reason Codes

MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4841

Description of Reason Code 4841

Cancelled Recurring Transaction

Insights from Rules and Regulations

The cardholder states they shouldn't have been charged because they already cancelled the transaction.

How to Win Reason Code 4841

Show that the chargeback is either remedied or invalid. Either by displaying that the transaction was not a recurring transaction, the transaction was recurring and the cardholder failed to meet the cancellation terms of the signed contract, documentation that services are being provided to and used by the cardholder after the cancellation date, or documentation that proper disclosure of entering into the recurring transaction was provided to and accepted by the cardholder.

Transaction Modifiers applicable to Reason Code 4841

Additional Information About Reason Code 4841

Reason code is categorized: Cardholder Disputes, MasterCard

Use the Chargeback App to respond to MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4841.

The Chargeback App determines acceptable evidence based on network rules and can automatically gather the evidence needed to win by integrating to your payment services and sales platform.