MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4840

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MasterCard Fraud Chargeback Reason Codes

MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4840

Description of Reason Code 4840

Fraudulent Processing of Transactions

Insights from Rules and Regulations

The cardholder or authorized user was still in possession and control of all valid cards at the time of the transaction, and the cardholder admits to at least one legitimate face-to-face transaction, on the same card at a given merchant location, but denies making one or more additional face-to-face transactions at that same merchant location.

How to Win Reason Code 4840

Respond to the dispute by providing documentation substantiating the cardholder participated in the original transaction and documentation to establish the cardholder is responsible for the additional transaction(s). Proof of card presence and signature for the original transaction, as well as documentation to support that the addendum transaction is the cardholder’s responsibility is important.

Transaction Modifiers applicable to Reason Code 4840

  • None

Additional Information About Reason Code 4840

Reason code is categorized: Fraud, MasterCard

Use the Chargeback App to respond to MasterCard Chargeback Reason Code 4840.

The Chargeback App determines acceptable evidence based on network rules and can automatically gather the evidence needed to win by integrating to your payment services and sales platform.


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