American Express Chargeback Reason Code F29

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American Express Fraud Reason Codes

American Express Chargeback Reason Code F29

Description of Reason Code F29

Card Not Present

Insights from Rules and Regulations

The cardholder denies participation in a mail order, telephone order, or internet charge. Note: Not applicable to Digital Wallet application-initiated transactions.

How to Win Reason Code F29

You'll need to provide proof that the cardholder participated in the charge (e.g., billing authorization, usage details, proof of delivery to the cardholder’s billing address, contract) or proof that the transaction contains a shipping address that matches a previously used shipping address from an undisputed transaction. You may also supply proof that you attempted to validate the CID and you did not receive a response, or you received an “unchecked” response. Similarly, you can provide proof that you validated the address via authorization and shipped goods to the validated address.

Transaction Modifiers applicable to Reason Code F29

Additional Information About Reason Code F29

Reason code is categorized: American Express, Fraud

Use the Chargeback App to respond to American Express Chargeback Reason Code F29.

The Chargeback App determines acceptable evidence based on network rules and can automatically gather the evidence needed to win by integrating to your payment services and sales platform.


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