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Start preventing disputes and chargebacks with zero implementation or integrations. Go live in less than 30 days with Visa's new deflection software.

Respond to 100% of inquiries and lower your dispute rate.

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How QuickStart works


  • Live in less than 30-days
  • Fast integration to Visa’s new deflection software


  • Respond to 100% of inquiries
  • No requirement to set up automatic refunds with each response


  • Lower current dispute rate
  • Establish a deflection rate

Lower your dispute rate without lifting a finger

Go live on VMPI in less than 30 days

With Real-time Resolution QuickStart, you can enroll in Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) in under 30 days. This allows for real-time communication of enhanced information to Visa’s dispute management platform, Visa Resolve Online (VROL). Protect your business by stopping disputes before they're filed.

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