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Preventing disputes is more important than ever

Rapidly changing landscape, tightening dispute thresholds

In 2018, big changes took direct aim at reducing fraudulent and disputed credit card transactions—like Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI), and the MasterCard Dispute Resolution Initiative. To reflect the advances made in invalid dispute prevention, Visa announced that it will lower the qualifying thresholds for its Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring Programs. These changes go into effect on October 1, 2019.

Merchants need to lower their dispute rates now before it's too late.

Lower your dispute rate without lifting a finger

Get up-and-running in less than 30 days

With Real-time Resolution QuickStart, you can go live and start preventing disputes in under 30 days. Real-time Resolution QuickStart enables the real-time communication of enhanced information to card issuers, which they relay to the cardholder in the event of a dispute inquiry. This enhanced information deflects up to 30% of inquiries from becoming valid disputes.

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