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Data-driven decisions are all that matters. DataFeed in the Chargeback App provides the data that inform on everything related to disputes—from the first Alert to the most recent recovered transaction amount.

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A sea of disparate data points

Getting the full “picture” of a dispute is impossible (until now)

The transaction and customer data related to any given dispute lives in disparate systems, including an ecommerce platform, CRM, ERP, fraud alert portals, shipping vendors and multiple payment service providers (gateways, processors, and networks). That makes the prospect of understanding the full dispute ecosystem impossible without intelligently aggregated data sources.

How DataFeed works

DataFeed in the Chargeback App

The Chargeback App records, segments and compiles all of your responses into easy-to-use reports. It allows your team to see an overview and advanced analytics based on the App’s intelligent database. With exported data, you can compare dispute volume by stage, by dispute amount, and more.

What DataFeed does

Understand the full dispute landscape

DataFeed empowers your team to report in real-time on:

  • Disputes managed
  • Received dispute categories
  • Disputed revenue
  • The trend of chargebacks and pre-arbs
  • And more

DataFeed allows you take your reporting tool or business intelligence dashboard to the next level. Apply specific filters and export your data to use and dissect as you please.

Getting the data

Intelligently aggregated reporting data

DataFeed in the Chargeback App wouldn’t be possible without DataSync. With DataSync, the transaction data tied to a dispute will be pulled and aggregated all in one place, the Chargeback App. The app takes data from each source and unifies it into records that effectively communicate with one another.

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