Shipping Rates Set to Rise, Here’s What You Need to Know

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Shipping Companies

UPS Shipping Rates Increase in 2016 As of December 28, 2015, UPS has updated their shipping rates. Merchants can now expect to pay a little more for their shipments. UPS has stated that the increase in shipping rates will support the ongoing expansion and maintenance of their service for 2016. They are planning to expand their Next Day Air® Early service to 4,500 new zip codes. This enhancement follows their recent expansion of UPS Worldwide Express by … Read More

5 Ways to Detect Friendly Fraud

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Prevent and Detect Friendly Fraud

Clearly, stopping fraud before it starts is the key to combatting its costly effects. But how do you do that – especially in cases of friendly fraud, in which the card numbers, addresses and names of purchasers are all good, but their intentions are not? The Lexis Nexis True Cost of Fraud Study 2016 found that roughly 28 percent of total fraud losses were the result friendly fraud. Moreover, chargeback fraud accounts for another 28 percent of fraud losses. The losses to true fraud … Read More

Visa & MasterCard Move to Quell Merchant Losses from EMV

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Visa MasterCard Chargeback Policy Changes

Last Wednesday, we dove into the current issues with EMV adoption by small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these merchants have already invested in EMV terminals, but are in a backlogged queue to have the terminal certified. Each individual payment card network has network-specific requirements based on EMVCo specifications. Which leaves the payment processors and terminal makers to test and certify the hardware for network-specific requirements. The following day Visa announced in a press release that … Read More

Top 10 Reasons for a Product Return

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Top Reasons For Product Returns

Let me first say this: a product return isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I say that with confidence…and it’s based on a six-year study from the University of North Carolina’s Flagler Business School. The study was done in 2009, but it’s still groundbreaking today. After all, the school looked at the return rates from various companies. And it turns out that there’s actually a “sweet spot” that equates to higher profits per customer sales. One company … Read More

Exploring Mastercard’s New Chargeback Guide

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MasterCard Chargeback Guidebook

Every card network handles the chargeback process in their own unique way with their own unique terms. Every network also publishes its own rules and guidelines for merchants to thoroughly review and use. If you don’t know and understand the requirements of each card network, how will you know how to correctly handle the chargeback process with them? You won’t. Mastercard’s rules and requirements are laid out in their lengthy, 400-plus word (but worth your time … Read More

Key Takeaways from the Mid-Market Merchant Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook

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2016 mid-year ecommerce trends mid-market merchants (1)

Understanding the online ecosystem in which e-commerce merchants operates is imperative for achieving success. One fantastic way to accomplish this is through research collected and already available online. An annual favorite of ours detailing just such research is carried out and delivered by the eTail team. Each year, eTail surveys its audience to learn about the “tools and technologies they’re implementing, the goals they’re chasing, and the results they’re seeing.” The findings are then separated by … Read More

See You at the CNP Expo!

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CNP Expo 2016 Florida Chargeback

The CNP (Card-Not-Present) Expo was created for merchants who accept card-not-present payments to address the challenges they regularly face, i.e. increased risk of fraud and chargebacks, and help answer the questions they need answered, for example, “What exactly do I need to do to start offering mobile payments?”