7 Back-To-School Promotion Tips for Ecommerce

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To the dismay of kids and the delight of parents, a new school season is rapidly approaching. Shopping for back to school spans from mid-July until the end of September. For retail, back-to-school shopping accounts for 70 percent of Q3 revenue. Every ecommerce merchant should prepare to take full advantage of this quarter’s shopping influx. Here are 7 promotion tips that all types of merchants can use to make the most out of back-to-school. 1. Know … Read More

EMV Woes Continue: Square Adapts, Will Users Tap?

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We’re a handful of months away from the one year anniversary of the EMV liability shift. Unfortunately, it seems that consumers, merchants, card issuers, and card networks alike are still facing an uphill battle. Glimmers of hope appeared in the last few weeks; with Visa and MasterCard announcing changes to their respective chargeback policies. Amex followed the week after, announcing similar temporary changes to lessen the devastating impact EMV-related chargebacks are having on merchants. Despite these … Read More

Is Your Chargeback Management Process Ready to Scale?

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Scale Your Chargeback Management Process (1)

If your goal is to join the ranks of top ecommerce companies, is your existing chargeback management sufficient and ready to rise to the occasion? Looking up the reason code associated with the chargeback, sifting through card network rules and regulations to determine the required response materials, and aggregating the appropriate compelling evidence to respond to individual chargebacks takes considerable time. Tasking chargeback responses to an existing employee might not be a problem if you have … Read More

Graphic Design Options for SMBs

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SMB Graphic Design

Ecommerce merchants face seemingly endless graphic design needs. For many SMBs, determining exactly how to meet those needs is a challenge. What resources do you need? How much design expertise is required to fulfill the tasks? How much money will graphic design work cost? How can you ensure a quality finished product? Finding the answers to those questions is not easy. So, we brought in expert help to break it down. We asked Kevin Parks, the … Read More

What is a Chargeback?

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What is a Chargeback

We had to ask ourselves that question. Don’t get me wrong. We have experience with disputes and chargebacks. Our dispute management software would be useless if we didn’t have it. But the question to what is a chargeback can offer a simple or complex answer. It really depends on the chargeback and the reason code that issued it. Let’s first look at the definition. And then we’ll build it up the answer, step-by-step: Cardholders occasionally file … Read More

Pass-Through Pricing: As Good As It Gets?

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Interchange Plus Pricing

Whether you call it interchange plus pricing, true pricing, cost plus, or pass-through pricing, it is widely considered the most transparent and merchant-friendly credit card processing pricing structure. The savvy CFO has insisted her credit card processor utilize pass-through pricing for years now, but is that what’s really being provided? Pure Pass-Through Pricing Pass-through pricing is simply a pricing model used by credit card processors that charges merchants the industry-wide interchange fees plus a small fixed … Read More

How Chip Credit Cards Work [Gifographic from LendingTree]

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How Chip Cards Work

We talk a lot about EMV on the Chargeback blog. From its implications for merchants, to chargeback policy adjustments made by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, the list goes on. But a recent gifographic from LendingTree explains the basics how EMV chip cards work in an easy-to-understand way. The Gist of the Gifographic Magnetic stripe technology leaves card users vulnerable to system hacks. Credit cards with magnetic stripes contain tracks static of sensitive data. When the card … Read More

6 Essential Ecommerce WordPress Plugins for Beginners

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WordPress Plugins for New Merchants (1)

As a merchant, you put a lot of thought into deciding on an ecommerce platform that facilitates the transactions on your website. It’s a big decision and one of earliest you’re asked to make regarding your ecommerce presence. As you’re more than aware, running an ecommerce website requires more than a domain, a WordPress theme, and an ecommerce platform. That’s where plugins come in handy. One of the features that makes WordPress so appealing is the … Read More

Ecommerce Can Expect Nearly $7 Billion in Chargebacks in 2016

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Ecommerce fraud losses

Our team set out to put a dollar amount on annual fraud losses for ecommerce, which is surprisingly difficult to ascertain. What is readily available to all of us are statistics to help us find the answer. We know that merchants have a big opportunity in recovering revenue from fraud. But when we found out just how much ecommerce merchants can recover annually, the opportunity got even bigger. How Much Revenue Does Ecommerce Lose to Fraud? … Read More

e-Gift Card Scams 101

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digital gift card scams - the basics

Electronic digital gift cards, or e-gift cards, are the fastest growing segment of the gift card industry growing at a rate of 29 percent annually. By the end of 2016, e-gift cards racked up more than $10 billion in sales. That’s a whole lot of money being transferred through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and WeChat (Just ask Walmart about WeChat’s value). e-Gift cards provide a lot more ease than its physical counterparts, so it … Read More