How Can I Reduce Product Returns?

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how can i reduce product returns

The scent of Pumpkin Spice is blooming, and Santa has arrived at the nearest JOANN in your neighborhood. This can only mean one thing: Winter Shopping is Coming. It is a storm that arrives during Single’s Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, among others. And as cardholders eagerly plan for … Read More

Is the Travel Bug Causing More Disputes?

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Is the Travel Bug Causing More Disputes_

The travel bug is increasing. And by ‘travel bug,’ we mean the strong desire to travel. This desire to travel is greatly fostered by Millennials who want to experience something new before settling down to a work routine. In short, there is a huge segment of Millennial travelers—and preceding generation … Read More

Disputes Make the Ecommerce World Go Round

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Disputes Make the Ecommerce World Go Round

It should be nothing new when I tell you that ecommerce is the name of the game. Merchants are prioritizing their online strategies more than ever, and customers are not afraid to shop online. A recent survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that 47.3% of respondents said they … Read More

How Should Retailers Manage Contactless Disputes?

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It has been over a week since Visa launched its contactless experience at this year’s New York Fashion Week: The Shows. In short, Visa’s partnership with NYFW was an opportunity to show merchants and consumers how seamless, secure and convenient this emerging payment can be for the retail landscape. Whether … Read More

It’s All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

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It's All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

Effective communication is key in any good relationship. In friendships, marriages, partnerships, coworkers, and even in the relationship between a merchant and the bank’s dispute analyst. Now, the last relationship may not seem like the others I listed. But effective communication is an absolute necessity when describing compelling evidence and … Read More