e-Gift Card Scams 101

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digital gift card scams - the basics

Electronic digital gift cards, or e-gift cards, are the fastest growing segment of the gift card industry growing at a rate of 29 percent annually. By the end of 2016, e-gift cards racked up more than $10 billion in sales. That’s a whole lot of money being transferred through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and WeChat (Just ask Walmart about WeChat’s value). e-Gift cards provide a lot more ease than its physical counterparts, so it … Read More

Amazon Prime Day: Bang or Bust for Merchants?

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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is July 12, next Tuesday. As Prime members camp out in front of their laptops awaiting the midnight PT kick off, some merchants and consumers alike are still jaded from last year’s Prime Day. U.S. sales on Amazon jumped 93 percent on Prime Day last year. This year is the second installment of Amazon’s day of deals, where Prime members get access to over 100,000 deals and new deals appearing every five minutes. … Read More

Exploring the Merchant Challenge with Chargebacks [Podcast]

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Payments on Fire Podcast

At the end of last month, Chargeback CEO Dave Wilkes had the chance to sit down with George Peabody of Glenbrook for their Payments on Fire podcast. If you’re unfamiliar with chargebacks or could just use some clarification, this podcast is the perfect listen for getting your feet wet and gaining a basic understanding. Skim through some of our favorite quotes and ideas Dave shares as you listen to the full podcast here. Dave on Chargeback … Read More

Customer Success, Chargebacks, and SaaS Startups

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Customer Success and Chargebacks at SaaS Startups

Earlier this year, Nudgespot published a blog post aimed at rounding up the best of the best actionable customer success insights for Saas startups. The team at Nudgespot is continually adding more resources to the 75+ Actionable Insights and Resources To Customer Success for SaaS Startups, so you should probably bookmark it! Their post resonated with our team, because customer success goes hand-in-hand with chargebacks. Furthermore, SaaS startups often utilize recurring billing, making them particularly susceptible … Read More

Chargeback Fees: Processor Library for Merchants

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Chargeback Fees

Chargeback fees shouldn’t be a mystery to merchants. I mean, aren’t chargebacks bad enough already? Most payment processors charge a fee to the merchant every time a chargeback occurs in addition to the revenue lost to the chargeback itself. Yet, some payment processors don’t bill merchants a chargeback fee. To help merchants solve the mystery, here are 41 of the most popular processors and their chargeback fees.

Amex Follows Suit, Limiting EMV Chargebacks for Merchants

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AMEX Chargeback Policy Adjustments for EMV

Last week it was Visa, earlier this week it was MasterCard, and now American Express has announced it too would make adjustments to EMV chargeback policies. Merchants across the US, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, are facing length EMV terminal certification backlogs. Which then results in an increase of chargebacks due to the liability shift. Just last year, SMBs saw chargeback rates in Q4 2015 increased nearly 31 percent compared to Q3. American Express made similar … Read More

Visa & MasterCard Move to Quell Merchant Losses from EMV

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Visa MasterCard Chargeback Policy Changes

Last Wednesday, we dove into the current issues with EMV adoption by small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these merchants have already invested in EMV terminals, but are in a backlogged queue to have the terminal certified. Each individual payment card network has network-specific requirements based on EMVCo specifications. Which leaves the payment processors and terminal makers to test and certify the hardware for network-specific requirements. The following day Visa announced in a press release that … Read More

Will E-commerce Save Apple Pay?

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Apple Watch Apple Pay

Last week was big for Apple Pay. On Monday at WWDC, Apple announced that Apple Pay can now be used for online transactions. Later that day, IBM followed up with a press release announcing that Apple Pay on the web will be made available to clients that use IBM’s WebSphere Commerce or IBM Commerce on Cloud. IBM Websphere Commerce holds the third spot in market share among the Alexa top 10k, at 7.2 percent. By the … Read More