Chargeback Fees: Processor Library for Merchants

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Chargeback Fees

Chargeback fees shouldn’t be a mystery to merchants. I mean, aren’t chargebacks bad enough already? Most payment processors charge a fee to the merchant every time a chargeback occurs in addition to the revenue lost to the chargeback itself. Yet, some payment processors don’t bill merchants a chargeback fee. To help merchants solve the mystery, here are 41 of the most popular processors and their chargeback fees.

Amex Follows Suit, Limiting EMV Chargebacks for Merchants

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AMEX Chargeback Policy Adjustments for EMV

Last week it was Visa, earlier this week it was MasterCard, and now American Express has announced it too would make adjustments to EMV chargeback policies. Merchants across the US, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, are facing length EMV terminal certification backlogs. Which then results in an increase of chargebacks due to the liability shift. Just last year, SMBs saw chargeback rates in Q4 2015 increased nearly 31 percent compared to Q3. American Express made similar … Read More

Visa & MasterCard Move to Quell Merchant Losses from EMV

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Visa MasterCard Chargeback Policy Changes

Last Wednesday, we dove into the current issues with EMV adoption by small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these merchants have already invested in EMV terminals, but are in a backlogged queue to have the terminal certified. Each individual payment card network has network-specific requirements based on EMVCo specifications. Which leaves the payment processors and terminal makers to test and certify the hardware for network-specific requirements. The following day Visa announced in a press release that … Read More

Will E-commerce Save Apple Pay?

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Apple Watch Apple Pay

Last week was big for Apple Pay. On Monday at WWDC, Apple announced that Apple Pay can now be used for online transactions. Later that day, IBM followed up with a press release announcing that Apple Pay on the web will be made available to clients that use IBM’s WebSphere Commerce or IBM Commerce on Cloud. IBM Websphere Commerce holds the third spot in market share among the Alexa top 10k, at 7.2 percent. By the … Read More

Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook: Small Business Recap

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2016 mid-year ecommerce trends SMBs

Last week on the blog, we explored the key takeaways from The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook from eTail for mid-sized merchants. Referral marketing, omnichannel attribution, and user-generated content are all at the top of mid-market merchants’ minds. When looking at eTail’s corresponding report focused on small and medium-sized merchants, the implications don’t differ that greatly. eTail surveyed over 250 small and medium-sized businesses with annual revenues under $100 million. The findings and subsequent recommendations are documented in … Read More

8 Gifts Dad Won’t Chargeback

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Father's Day Gifts dads won't chargeback

If you’re like us, you’re in need of a perfect last-minute gift for Father’s Day. Shopping for dad is tough. He doesn’t need another tie and the garage is already overflowing with tools from Father’s Days past. This is the year to impress dad with gifts that are so cool, he’d never charge them back. 1. Poo-Pourri Dad’s are notorious for odorous bathroom behavior. Save yourself and your mom from suffering the consequences of dad’s bathroom … Read More

‘Return Item Chargeback’ – Two Perspectives

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Return Item Chargeback

Chargebacks are shrouded in confusion; and it gets worse when two card networks describe the same chargebacks differently. Since the beginning, a chargeback starts when a customer files a dispute. That dispute is received by the issuer. The acquirer will receive notice, and then the merchant is notified. So a ‘return item chargeback’ must refer to some subset of chargebacks within the overall process, right? Well, not exactly. The phrase ‘return item chargeback’ is fairly vague. As a result, a search … Read More

SMBs: Stop Ignoring EMV Technology

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SMB EMV blog header

Two-hundred and fifty eight days ago, the EMV liability shift went into effect. Merchants have had 8 months and 14 days to update their terminals from mag stripe to chip-readers, yet 88% of retailers are still unable to process chip cards. As you know, the liability shift holds merchants, no longer the issuer, responsible for counterfeit transactions where the card is chip-enabled and the terminal isn’t. The lagging adoption is most prominent among small and medium … Read More

Key Takeaways from the Mid-Market Merchant Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook

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2016 mid-year ecommerce trends mid-market merchants (1)

Understanding the online ecosystem in which e-commerce merchants operates is imperative for achieving success. One fantastic way to accomplish this is through research collected and already available online. An annual favorite of ours detailing just such research is carried out and delivered by the eTail team. Each year, eTail surveys its audience to learn about the “tools and technologies they’re implementing, the goals they’re chasing, and the results they’re seeing.” The findings are then separated by … Read More

6 (Not 5) Easy Strategies to Prevent Costly Returns

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How to Prevent Returns and Recover Revenue

Consumers return products for all types of reasons, from legitimate to frivolous. Understanding the reasons behind a return does wonders in expanding retailers knowledge of how to prevent them in the future. In an article recently published on Entrepreneur, Peter Sobotta the Founder and CEO of Return Logic, shares his niche expertise with merchants on preventing product returns. In the article 5 Easy Strategies to Prevent Costly Retail Returns, Sobotta begins by sharing three strategies that … Read More