Chargeback App Announcement

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Chargeback App Announcement

The Chargeback App was an ambitious undertaking that took the better part of the past 24 months to realize. In 2016, following numerous meetings, late-night worrying, and early-morning sessions, we decided to kill our old technology platform and rebuild it from scratch: a grueling and monumental project. The platform we were using to manage disputes for clients had its foundation laid in 2011. Countless patches and quick fixes later, the architecture was buckling under growth and network rule changes.

Our CTO assembled a small team of senior developers to break off from the main dev team and begin work on a completely new system. We did multiple product design sprints throughout the year that fed into a our initial new product –  a self onboarding process that would later become the framework for the Chargeback App.

We started sending new clients into the app to onboard themselves, configure their services and automate their chargeback management. Behind the scenes the work was still entirely being done in our old system by our analysts. Piping data back and forth would prove to be an ongoing nightmare for months to come. We then invited existing clients into the new app for some fresh reporting above and beyond what they originally signed up for and had been accustomed too. So far so good, but the real heavy lifting was just getting started.

Up to this point we were investing heavily training new analysts to understand a client’s systems and our own. After a lengthy training process that looked like a toddler being tossed into the deep end of the pool we would get someone up to speed on not only disputes, payments and fraud but also on the client’s products, services and systems. This process was far from scalable.

Our old model certainly offered dispute management expertise but the downside was quite clear, our analysts would never have the product knowledge our clients do. The vision was simple. We had to eliminate the need to educate analysts on disputes, payments and fraud and instead, like so many business automation processes that came before us, program the ever changing and complex details of dispute management into the app itself, allowing any user to become an expert overnight. The execution was much harder.

Dubbed “docgen” internally, the project took us down a rabbit hole that would have made Alice nauseous. We dissected the network rules for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at a much deeper level than we ever had before. We built a framework to house changes that come regularly and a UX that a first year intern or your grandpa could navigate intuitively.

The first iteration of the product allowed a client to pipe all the necessary meta-data around an order into the app. Once the UX and logic for “docgen” were complete the need to have someone that understood the cryptic rules for each card network were gone. Well, in theory anyway. It was time to put the app into production and find out.

The next step was moving all of our existing clients over to the new app. We would “eat our own dog food” before shipping this product. Bug fixes, feature enhancements, UX upgrades and logic poured out of our analysts. During this time the app became available in a private beta to new clients if they had a good set of integrations we needed to polish. These early-early adopters played a critical role introducing improvements.

And now we’re here, officially announcing the launch. This first of its kind, internal dispute management platform is open for business. The goal is to empower internal teams with more efficient and more effective dispute management. Bringing together the best of two previous worlds, manage internally or outsource to a third party.

It looks and feels like fin-tech or payment-tech but we’re going with ops-tech. It’s SaaS for your ops team – the folks trying to recover that revenue your sales and marketing team worked hard to earn and your customer success team worked hard to retain but was ultimately disputed with a few clicks by your customer. With online commerce eating the world brands are watching chargeback losses skyrocket.


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The timing of this product feels perfect and we hope you jump on board early. We have grand plans for features, some of which will roll out in January. We’re unabashedly excited, can you tell?

Merchants can get started with the app by creating an account, booking a demo or contacting us directly. Payment service providers, platforms and consultants should checkout our referral program.

Check out the official press release for the Chargeback App Launch on PRNewswire.


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