Consolidate data sources

Connect sales, operations, and payment services to automate data aggregation and enable real-time dispute management and resolution.

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Current Chargeback App integrations

The Chargeback App is integrated with leading payment processors, gateways, and ecommerce platforms. If the technology you use isn’t listed here, don’t worry! Feel free to contact us to learn about upcoming integrations and even request your own.

Payments technologies

Ecommerce platforms


The Chargeback API

The Chargeback API gives you the flexibility to connect all of your data sources by building your own integrations. With a collection of RESTful JSON calls, the API uses standardized HTTP verbs and resource routes.

See what your data sources can do

Consolidating your data sources enables real-time dispute resolution and enables powerful actions that protect your revenue.

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The Chargeback App

Integrations power real-time dispute management

Integrating your payment and ecommerce technologies into the Chargeback App empowers your internal team to revolutionize how they manage disputes. Lower your dispute rate, improve your win rate, and save time and effort with the first real-time dispute management platform.