Integrate, Monitor, Understand

Chargeback Reporting gives you the power to visualize your merchant stack with charts, graphs and KPI’s that let you gain insights and make informed business decisions.


Simple Set-Up

Get started by connecting your merchant accounts to have existing and past disputes provide immediate insight.

Data Visualization

Enjoy a birds eye view of your merchant account activity visualized with graphs, charts and KPI’s that make sense.

Insights and Trends

Robust analytics and reporting drive business decisions. Pivot and improve your operations to prevent chargebacks.

Generate Responses

Click a button or automatically generate comprehensive, properly formatted, somewhat anal Chargeback Responses.

Enable Alerts

Check a box to enable Chargeback Alerts from issuers and intercept new chargebacks before they get to the network.

Visualize your situation and gain the insight you need to take action and make informed business decisions.