Exploring the Merchant Challenge with Chargebacks [Podcast]

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Payments on Fire Podcast

At the end of last month, Chargeback CEO Dave Wilkes had the chance to sit down with George Peabody of Glenbrook for their Payments on Fire podcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with chargebacks or could just use some clarification, this podcast is the perfect listen for getting your feet wet and gaining a basic understanding. Skim through some of our favorite quotes and ideas Dave shares as you listen to the full podcast here.

Dave on Chargeback Basics

Online Shoplifting

“Chargeback fraud is essentially online shoplifting.”

Dave on Chargeback Management

Chargebacks Suck.

“Chargebacks suck, there’s no other way to explain the pain point they create for the merchant.”

Fraud is cooperative, not competitive.

“Fraud is cooperative, not competitive.”

About Payments on Fire and George Peabody

George Peabody boasts over a decade of experience in payments technology and over two decades in IT and entrepreneurial management. Peabody is an essential part of the team at Glenbrook, focusing on payment acceptance trends, data security, and digital currencies.

A consistent innovator, Peabody is the editor of Glenbrook’s opinion page featuring “rants and raves” on industry topics, Payment Views. Obviously, he’s also the producer of Glenbrook’s podcast series, Payments on Fire.

About Glenbrook

Glenbrook was founded in 2001 as a payments industry strategy consulting and research firm, and remains an industry-leader to this day. Whether it’s payments services providers, card networks, technology companies, risk management companies, banks, or merchants, Glenbrook brings strategic consulting, research, and industry education programs. Furthermore, the company is committed to facilitating industry collaborations and helping everyone in the industry understand emerging payments technologies.

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