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Unmasking the Three Faces of Fraud

Your dispute team does their best to gather evidence and submit the response in a timely manner. But does your team take the time to understand what is happening behind those disputes? Or better yet, do they take the time to understand the cardholders’ motives for filing those disputes?

In this ebook, you'll learn the situations and motives responsible for fraud—so you can lower your dispute rate and protect your hard-earned revenue.

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Learn how to unmask and prevent:

Chargeback Fraud

Friendly Fraud

True Fraud

Unmasking the fraud you face

Deciphering different types of fraud

Uncovering the true motives behind disputes will allow your team to create strategies that will lower your dispute rate and, in turn, protect your hard-earned revenue. This ebook will help you in your efforts by unmasking the three faces of fraud that you face when it comes to disputes.

Consistently unmask and address fraud with real-time dispute management

With a combination of front end fraud filters and post transaction dispute management, your company will be in the best position to lower your dispute ratio, increase win rates, and save time. Schedule a live demo now with one of our dispute experts to find out more.

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