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Industry Dispute Ratios

Chargeback metrics you need to know. From chargeback ratios to merchant loss rates, you'll gain a better understanding how fraud and disputes impact department stores and marketplaces, petroleum and c-store, grocery, restaurant and travel.

Find out how the type of transaction (e.g., card-present vs. eCommerce) and a given reason code category (e.g., Fraud) can negatively impact your bottom line.

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Industries covered in the report


Department Stores and Marketplaces


Grocery Stores


Petroleum and C-stores





A deep dive into dispute metrics

Get a new perspective on your company's disputes

We know that most chargebacks are categorized under fraud and authorization reason codes. But there are other factors to consider when looking at why chargebacks occur. For instance, did you know American Express and Discover transactions were 85% more likely to initiate a cancel-related chargeback among U.S. restauranteurs? It's all about knowing the little things in order to effectively manage chargebacks in your industry. That’s why we’re here to help.

Real-time dispute management built for your specific industry

From online retailers to subscription merchants, car rental services and more, the Chargeback App is all you need to manage your disputes. It’s the first SaaS platform built to improve and simplify dispute management for internal teams. Find out how it's done during a live demo with one of our dispute specialists.

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