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Understanding and Avoiding E-Gift Card Fraud

On average, you’ll pay $227 for every $100 dollars lost to fraud. Understand how chargebacks impact the e-gift card landscape and uncover the actions that enable you to mitigate fraud from this exponentially growing channel.

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What's inside the white paper

Open Loop vs. Closed Loop Cards

Understanding the Scope of E-Gift Card Fraud

The Impact of Secondary Markets

Identifying Popular E-Gift Card Fraud Schemes

Strategies for Preventing E-Gift Card Fraud

Learn how to protect your business

Address the growing trend of gift card fraud

Due to the high volume of fraud-related chargebacks surrounding the purchase of gift cards, it's important to understand the various gift-card fraud related schemes and understand the best practices merchants should employ to prevent future financial losses. This white paper will focus on e-gift card fraud in card-not-present channels—and how to prevent its losses.

Prevent disputes from ever being filed

Failing to stop gift card and all other kinds of disputes before they occur can lead to lost revenue, damaged customer relationships, and fines from the card brands. Discover how real-time dispute resolution stops disputes from being filed during a live demo with one of our dispute experts.

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