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A Guide to Dispute Best Practices

Having problems with product returns? What about fraud disputes or recurring billing? Either way, these can create a serious dispute risk. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to prevent these in-house and recover lost revenue.

In this ebook, you’ll learn the foundational elements of preventing and managing disputes from start to finish.

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What's inside the guide


Preventing True Fraud


Preventing Legitimate Chargebacks


Preventing Friendly Fraud


Preventing Recurring Billing Disputes


How to Reveal Chargeback Fraud

The building blocks for managing disputes

Best practices to help you build dispute management initiatives

Dispute management is so much more than just responding to chargebacks. End-to-end dispute management involves everything from front-end fraud solutions to customer satisfaction surveys. Find out the best practices you need to implement to prevent friendly fraud, chargeback fraud, as well as legitimate chargebacks.

Support best practices with real-time dispute management

The Chargeback App is the only 100% SaaS solution for dispute management. It's built to empower internal teams with deep dispute knowledge and powerful automation. Find out how it's done during a live demo with one of our dispute specialists.

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