Dispute Analyst Job Description and Role

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Dispute Analysis Job Description

Dispute analysts are a vital part of managing disputes. Making sure you find and train the right people for the job is just as vital. This post will go over what you should put in your job description and the role your dispute analyst should play in your company.

A Dispute Analyst Role

Losing a customer disputes means that your company will lose hard earned revenue. The only way to reverse a dispute is to create a response with the correct compelling evidence, according to the reason code and transaction modifiers. There are also time limits that are attached to the dispute, which requires merchants to respond in a timely manner.

The objective of the dispute analyst is to get that hard earned revenue back through compiling and submitting a response document. The traditional way that the analyst compiles a response document is to first check the card networks rules, regulations and reason codes. This needs to be done so the analyst can provide the correct evidence.

The next step is pulling that evidence from a variety of data sources. This could include ecommerce platforms, CRM, ERP, fraud alert portals, shipping vendors and multiple payment service providers (i.e., gateways, processors, networks). This is where the analyst must pay attention to the details. Once they have compelling the evidence, they will compile it into a response document.

If the evidence they collected is correct, and if it is properly formatted, it will give your company the best chance of winning the dispute and earning your revenue back.

Dispute Analyst Job Description Example

Dispute analysts play a critical role and must be highly detail oriented. Analysts must ensure the dispute representment and documentation to a payment processor is complete and without error. Analysts are expected to work efficiently to meet goals and to cross-train in other areas of the business. This allows them to understand the full scope and impact of chargeback fraud and friendly fraud. Experience in quality assurance is helpful.


  • Research credit card disputes and build dispute cases to recover funds for merchants using proprietary software.
  • Validate appropriate data from internal and third party systems and ensure appropriate course of action is being pursued.
  • Ensure accurate and appropriate responses to disputes.
  • Monitor disputed transactions for possible fraudulent activity.
  • Serve customers by resolving product and service problems.


  • High School Diploma
  • Strong computer skills required
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google Docs preferred
  • Experience in disputes or in the payments industry preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and results-driven
  • Ability to listen to customers and resolve conflict
  • Ability to analyze information, think through difficult problems, and make critical decisions based on limited information

This job description will need to be modified if your dispute analysis will be performing other tasks than just responding to disputes. More often than not, the role of responding to disputes is just one task that the employee will need to complete throughout the day. These employees may perform other related tasks such as manual fraud reviews, accounts receivable and sale audits.  

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