What You Can Expect At MRC Vegas 2018

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MRC Vegas 2018

MRC Vegas is the largest event in the world that is focused on fraud prevention, payment processing, cybersecurity, and technology. If you are one of the over 1,500 attendees that will make their way to the Aria Resort in Las Vegas for the four day event you are probably getting your game plan together. Here is what to expect and what we suggest you take time to see at MRC Vegas 2018. What Is MRC Vegas? … Read More

Pursuing Criminal Charges Against Gross Chargeback Fraud

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Pursuing Criminal Charges Against Gross Chargeback Fraud

We reached out to Nasir N. Pasha (Esq.), the managing attorney of Pasha Law PC to get some expert legal advice on how to take legal action against a chargeback fraudster. In this guest Q&A, Mr. Pasha explains what legal matters merchants can take if chargeback fraud either gets out of control or if it becomes something too big for the card networks to handle. So, without delay, here is what Mr. Pasha advises when merchants experience … Read More

Stripe vs. Braintree

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Stripe vs. Braintree

There is money everywhere, and there are many payment technologies that will help send that money to your business. Today, we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between two processors: Stripe and Braintree. This article will explain how these two processors compare when it comes to pricing, features and, most importantly, chargeback management. This article is also great for merchants who are considering to switch processors or adopt both of them in order to … Read More

General Data Protection Regulation [What Should Merchants Expect]

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What Can Merchants Expect from the GDPR

Merchants need data. Data empowers them to make effective strategies that engage with their customers. It also allows merchants and affiliated parties to effectively manage chargebacks. All of this will soon be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   This regulation will soon have worldwide implications as it becomes effective on May 25, 2018. The European Parliament and Council have established the GDPR in order to protect how and for what reason controllers and processors analyze data … Read More

Challenge Chargebacks with Social Media

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Fight Chargebacks with Social Media

Social media has brought various benefits to connect with one another. For merchants, it is a great tool to engage with consumers and to promote products to specific customers. But did you know you can use social media to challenge a chargeback? A cardholder’s digital footprint can be evidence to challenge his or her claim to the issuing bank. In 2016, 207 million Americans have at least one social media profile. And the ways we are being … Read More

Nate Smith: Chief Technology Officer

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Nate Smith CTO

Nate Smith first learned to program computers during grade school. An early academic foray into computer science resulted in two published technical papers. Later, Smith was surprised to discover that he found programming “in industry” more fulfilling than academia. Since finishing his degree in computer science, he has created software in diverse industries, from factory automation to payment processing. As Chargeback’s CTO, he handles the technical aspects of the company. Right now, that mostly boils down … Read More