Top 5 Reason Codes and How to Respond

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Top 5 Reason Codes and How to Respond

Reason codes are a vital part of dispute management. Their purpose is not only to inform merchants why they are receiving a dispute, but they can also point merchants in the direction of what is causing the disputes. In this post we will go over the top five reason codes, some of the main pieces of evidence needed to respond to these disputes, and provide the option to download dispute response templates to help with the … Read More

What is Chargeback Flip Fraud?

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What is Chargeback Flip Fraud

The term “flipping,” when talking about fraud, is normally associated with fraudsters buying property. They will then resell it at an artificially inflated price for a considerable profit, even though they only made minor improvements to it. In the world of disputes, flip fraud has a little different meaning, but the same concept behind it. That is why we are going to explain what chargeback flip fraud is, how fraudsters are taking advantage of the chargeback … Read More

Poor Product Descriptions and Ship Times Will Cost Merchants

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Poor Product and Ship

Accurately conveying the product that you are selling online may seem obvious, but it is easier said than done. The customer buying your product only knows what you have told them about it. They have never touched, tried on, held, or even truly seen the product until after they completed the transaction and the product is shipped to them. This is why product photos and product descriptions are so important for ecommerce merchants. If the customer … Read More

What is a ‘No-Show’ Chargeback?

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no show chargeback definition

Merchants of all industries deal with chargebacks on some level. But the hotel and travel industry deal with some unique called ‘no-show’ chargebacks. That’s when a cardholder disputes a fee assessed by a hotel or restaurant for not showing up for his reservation—or they legitimately forgot about their reservation but they are penalized nonetheless. In this article, we’ll provide helpful tips to manage ‘no-show’ chargebacks. These disputes usually occur as a result of two main scenarios: Reservations … Read More

Visa Chargeback Reason Code 53: A Closer Look

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Visa Reason Code 53

Don’t be frightened of a chargeback being categorized under Visa reason code 53. You are not alone. On average, you’ll see 22 percent of chargebacks from Visa categorized under product or service issue reason codes. Visa reason code 53 is an example of Visa’s group of reason codes that represent these particular issues. What do these product or service issue chargebacks mean? For the cardholder, they represent problems ranging from product descriptions to defective merchandise. Visa reason … Read More

Stop Right There! You’re Way Over the Limit – Over Limit Reason Codes

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Floor limit reason codes

As I was going through some of the chargeback reason codes, I began thinking about floor limits. Most of us know what a floor limit is on a base level, but I thought digging a little deeper into it would help us understand the chargeback reason codes that relate to floor limits specifically. According to a floor limit is: the maximum amount the merchant can charge to the buyer’s card without getting authorization. For a charge … Read More