Effective Customer Communication is a Game Changer for Disputes

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Effective Customer Communication is a Game Changer for Disputes

As we have said previously, great customer service not only empowers customer relationships, it also prevents disputes. A piece that goes into having effective customer service is to create easy to use channels to communicate with your customer. A new Javelin study emphasizes why this is so important. A recent Javelin study found that merchants were able to resolve an issue 56% of the time without a refund, a replacement, or a customer dispute being issued … Read More

How To Stop Customers From Filing A Dispute

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Everyone wants the transaction to go well. The customer wants the good and/or service rendered, and the merchant wants to earn revenue from said goods or services. Each party gets what they want, and they can move on with their daily lives. That is why it can be, among things, heartbreaking to receive a dispute from a transaction. At face value, it appears the customer relationship went south. There can be numerous questions that arise when … Read More

What is Real-time Resolution?

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Automation used to be a luxury. Now, it’s a necessity. Our journey turned into a revolution when we wanted to give merchants the tools for automated dispute management. We are still learning in how to make it better. And that’s what makes the Chargeback App adaptive to the card networks’ rules and issuers’ guidelines. After we made automated dispute management a reality, we laid the groundwork for our next objective: offer Real-time Resolution to merchants across … Read More