How Real-time Resolution Helps Digital Subscription Merchants

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How Real-time Resolution Helps Digital Subscription Merchants

Digital subscription billing models are amazing. This model allows merchants to have continual transactions without putting the customer through any friction or a checkout process. Everything about that model seems wonderful—until the chargebacks hit. The same frictionless checkout that makes these business model tick is susceptible to customer disputes. But digital merchants can curb losses and stay a step ahead of disputes with Real-time Resolution. We will go over some of the challenges digital subscription merchants … Read More

Dispute Response Templates for Digital Goods Transactions

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Dispute Response Templates for Digital Goods Transactions (1)

As we talked about earlier this month, the cost of fraud for digital good merchants is higher than physical good merchants. To help digital merchants, we have created templates specifically for responding to digital good disputes. In this post, we’ll show you some of the main pieces of evidence needed in the dispute response, along with links to downloadable templates. Downloading the template will guide you through what you need to show to disprove the cardholder … Read More

Growing Cost of Fraud For Digital Goods

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Growing Cost of Fraud for Digital Goods

The LexisNexis 2018 True Cost of Fraud study surveyed 703 risk and fraud executives at targeted U.S. merchants. The respondents represented all channels, company sizes, industries, and payment methods to fully understand the cost fraud. This report found the overall cost of fraud and the number of fraud attempts is continuing to increase. For digital good merchants, those costs and fraud attempts are even higher than the average. In the True Cost of Fraud study, they … Read More

What Transaction Modifiers Affect Digital Goods?

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There’s always a criteria when responding to disputes. The reason code explains what compelling evidence is needed while the issuer checks if merchants properly formatted all of the documents within their  response. Any infringement could put yourself in jeopardy of receiving a chargeback. And that’s not the only requirements you should be aware of. Some reason codes will have what are called transaction modifiers. This is a crucial, underestimated element that  impacts what evidence you should … Read More