Common Challenges with Chargebacks in the Supplemental Insurance Sphere

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Common Challenges with Chargebacks in the Supplemental Insurance Sphere

Randolph Bunnell is an experienced copywriter and marketing consultant. He has a deep knowledge of digital marketing and SEO. Randolph also has a medical background and enthusiastic about healthcare technologies. He shares helpful tips and info about health problems treatment in his blog Skin Answer. The supplemental insurance industry has come a long way since its inception. It plays a significant role by chipping in where basic health insurance plans don’t cover. Supplemental insurance is an … Read More

What are Chargebacks? How to Avoid Chargebacks in Restaurants

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How to Avoid Chargeback in Restaurants

Sawailal Jangid is Digital Marketing Executive and Content Analyst at SotwareSuggest. He does researches and analyzes software to educate and advice to the business managers to streamline their business. In spare time he loves to do sports activities. Running a restaurant today is no mean feat. Among its many challenges, chargebacks are increasingly becoming a major concern for restaurateurs. It’s a messy affair. You lose money that was in the bank. You may have a case … Read More

Is Disputing a Charge Getting Too Easy?

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Is Disputing a Charge Getting Too Easy_

As the world continues to make things easier and more efficient for customers, it comes with trade offs. One example of this is exchanging security for convenience during the checkout process. Merchants that have too many verification steps in their checkout process could turn away customers. On the other hand, having for too little verification information means the merchant may accept fraudulent cards or not have enough compelling evidence to make a winning chargeback response.

What is Chargeback Flip Fraud?

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What is Chargeback Flip Fraud

The term “flipping,” when talking about fraud, is normally associated with fraudsters buying property. They will then resell it at an artificially inflated price for a considerable profit, even though they only made minor improvements to it. In the world of disputes, flip fraud has a little different meaning, but the same concept behind it. That is why we are going to explain what chargeback flip fraud is, how fraudsters are taking advantage of the chargeback … Read More

Fraud Caused By Drunk Shopping?

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Fraud Caused By Drunk Shopping

We were recently asked through social media if a certain situation would be considered a valid reason to dispute a purchase with a link to an article. The article explained that Americans spend $30.4 billion on online shopping when they are drunk. So the question posed to us was the following: “is making a purchase while under the influence of alcohol a valid reason to dispute a purchase?” The Consumer Affairs article that was linked to … Read More

How to Prevent Price Match Disputes

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How To Prevent Price Match Disputes

Customers are great, aren’t they? They provide valuable insights on marketing trends. And they can jumpstart your business when it seems to be at a freefall. But customers tend to bring new, confusing reasons to dispute a transaction. One of those reasons involves a price match. It’s not always successful. But the thought of charging back a transaction because of a lower price made us think, how is this even acceptable? This post will go through … Read More

Will Blockchains Change Dispute Resolution?

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That title is underselling it. Imagine everything you’re doing right now just changed. You already experienced that with the internet. Then you experienced it in ecommerce. And then you experienced it with EMV chips. Now, blockchains change everything in dispute management and resolution. But how? How will blockchains change things like dispute responses, reason codes, and compelling evidence? That’s what we’re going to explore in this post. But we can’t start the ‘blockchain conversation’ without talking … Read More

Chargebacks Being Served At Your Local Restaurant

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Our white paper examines the chargeback landscape of five U.S. industries. One of them is the restaurant industry and this article focus. We took a look at some data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. And these metrics are an eye-opener for restaurant chains and restaurateurs alike. Let us see how these numbers affect you and your bottom line. Here is an extended view from Industry Dispute Ratios: A Deep Dive into Key Dispute Metrics … Read More

Grocery Merchants Receive Chargebacks

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Chargebacks come in all sizes at the grocery store. Some are large and harmless, and others are small and detrimental. Our white paper, Industry Dispute Ratios, investigates how grocery merchants were impacted by revenue loss, chargeback occurrence and chargeback valuations. This will help current and aspiring merchants know what to expect whenever they receive card-present (CP) transactions over eCommerce transactions. Our findings will help inform you on how to stay alert for some reason codes over … Read More

Chargebacks Are At The Nearest Gas Station

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Today, we’re going to take a look at the Industry Dispute Ratios of petroleum merchants. These are the merchants who let travelers and locals refuel their gas tanks during their commute. Without merchants like you, communities cannot move from one destination to the next. And this excessive movement are riddled with chargebacks that could affect your bottom line. That’s why we have your back. We looked at data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. And we … Read More